After all, Liam’s our Wonderwall

Bradley Su

Irish-British rock’n’roll star and former Oasis lead singer, Liam Gallagher, came to Dublin to continue his UK and Ireland tour on Saturday, November 23rd and Sunday, November 24th to promote his latest album “Why Me? Why Not.” 

The 3Arena turned into a rock’n’roll hot spot for the two nights, with Liam initially planning on playing only one concert on Sunday, November 24th but adding an extra date due to popular demand.

He partnered with PLUS1 so that €1 from every ticket went to organizations bringing dignity, equity and access to communities who need it. In addition, this warm-hearted rock‘n’roll star also asked people to help homeless this winter by donating a parka jacket early this month.

After the performances of the supporting acts (Miles Kane, the Last Shadow Puppets and one-time Rascals frontman) Liam appeared at 9pm and the atmosphere in the arena reached its climax when he appeared on stage. Following the practice of the Oasis Band period, the gigs started with the song “Rock n’ Roll Star”.

Half of his performance consisted of songs from his time in Oasis and a few songs from his debut solo studio album “As You Were” which was released two years ago. He also sang a few of the main songs from his new album “Why Me? Why Not.”

He released this album, his second solo studio release, on September 20th, 2019 under record label Warner Records. The lead single of the album being “Shockwave”, which was released on June 6th, 2019 and became one of his biggest solo hits in general in the UK. This biblical single shot straight to the top of the Official Vinyl and Trending Charts.

Another main single off of this album “The River” highlights the unique voice of Liam and calls for the gathering of contemporary struggles for change. Its anarchic attitude is aimed at the leaders of the organisation—from money-sucking MP’s to vacant celebrities.

The song lives up to his ambition for the album. As he stated, “I want the second album to be a step-up because the hardest thing to do is to make something the same, only better.”

The album contains various styles of songs. “Now That I’ve Found You” is joyful and heartfelt, while “One of Us” is a song about family, friendship and a strong sense of belonging.

There is an intriguing detail in the music video belonging to this song: when Liam walks into a house, there is the numerical string “28.08.09” which was the day when the Oasis band was dissolved.

Fans may be able to start looking forward to the reconciliation of the Gallagher brothers and Oasis ten years after they split.

The atmosphere of the two concerts was extremely frenetic. Some fans close to the stage also lit flares, leading to Gallagher asking them to take care after recent incidents.

He also played jokes with fans between songs, with the gig ending successfully on the song “Cigarettes & Alcohol”, which is the classic work of “Definitely Maybe”, the first album of Oasis.

Bradley Su 

Image Credit: WikiMedia