Broken Business School seats to be fixed

Brendan Fernando Kelly Palenque

Broken chairs in the Business School are set to be fixed before semester two after a student-led petition.

DCU’s Students’ Union’s Business Faculty representative, Hazel Byrne, started the petition due to a large amount of chairs in the business building which are not useable. She counted 41 missing seats between six rooms.

“This means that if the lecture is full, some students will have no seat to sit on, or will have to sit on the bare metal bars. Not only this, but many chairs have ripped or missing cushions and some even have exposed nails,” she said in the petition, found on

“DCU Business School claims to be within the top 5% of business schools in the world, but this is simply not good enough for its current students.”

MINT student Luke Nolan explained how the seating situation has affected him: “If I’m in a lecture with high attendance and there isn’t enough seats for everyone that either leads to us having to go looking for seats, people sitting on floor, people sitting on metal bars with potentially dangerous spikes and nails – it’s ridiculous”

As of printing, the petition has close to over 400 signatures. On December 2nd, Byrne announced that the issue would be resolved after the success of the petition, as well as discussions between herself, the quality promotion office, the estates office and business school staff.

“Work has been commenced on the lecture rooms to reinstall new chairs and replace the damaged cushions. Priority has been given to ground floor rooms, with the aforementioned seats on the first floor being scheduled for repair in the coming weeks,” she said.

“As a result of the brilliant support by students on this issue, a full audit has also been requested on the stability of chairs across the university by estates.”

The majority of chairs listed as missing by Byrne in the original petition are found on the first floor: Q119 (six chairs), Q120 (14 chairs), Q121 (13 chairs) and Q122 (eight chairs).

In Q120, where the most single seats were missing, several desk chairs were stuck in to act as replacements. Byrne also said that some chairs in QG27 had nails coming up through the cushion.

Byrne welcomed the plan to fix this issue on “We could not have fixed this without your support and I appreciate every signature and every share! I look forward to a better, broken-chair free business school.”

The issue had been discussed at the third Class Representative Council of the year, back on November 27th.

Brendan Fernando Kelly Palenque

Image Credit: Daria Jonkisz