Denzel Curry makes his return to Ireland in Helix performance

On one of the first stops of his ZUU European tour, Denzel Curry took The Helix by storm on Thursday, December 5th. 

Curry makes his return to Ireland not long after his last two Irish gigs. One, which took place in the Olympia late last December, as well as a show during Longitude 2019. It was at this show in July, where he injured himself after falling off the stage during his set.

Curry laughed it off at the beginning of the show, commenting on how different he is now compared to the last show. He mentioned his now short hair, his improved fitness level and the now healed leg that he injured.

It was an eventful evening even before the opening act began, with The Helix being evacuated due to a fire alarm going off inside. Not too long after, however, the crowd reentered the venue to see opener guapdad4000.

The opener was a short and sweet set, with plenty of crowd interaction by guapdad4000. He managed to pick up a Republic of Ireland jersey from the front row of the crowd, and was quickly belting out “Costa Rica” dressed in green.

The crowd contracted quickly as Curry emerged to the opening sample of “ZUU”, the title track of his latest album. Mosh pits formed as the track hit the main chorus and the bass exploded across the venue.

Immediately after finishing “ZUU”, Curry transitioned to “RICKY” and blasted the crowd with distorted vocals and synthetic beats. Curry was in great form across the entire gig, hyping the crowd with his performance on the stage and his lyricism.

He didn’t stay strictly to his own songs either, performing “Look At Me!” by the late controversial rapper XXXTentacion. Not only that, but he performed his half of the track “Psycho”, which was a collaboration with British rapper Slowthai. The horror soundtrack style of the song translated fantastically to the stage, with Curry flying around the stage at top speed.

His critically acclaimed song, “CLOUT COBAIN” off his critically acclaimed album “TA13OO”, received roars from the crowd as Curry started it.

At some point around halfway through the gig, an Irish flag was tossed up on the stage, which Curry quickly picked up and bounced about the stage waving it above him. Chants of “olé” had also erupted throughout the venue at multiple times.

The crowd went absolutely berserk has Curry played one of his most well recognised songs, “Ultimate”, before leaving the stage. Mosh pits opened immediately as the first beats of the track came on over the speakers. Curry unleashed a flurry of energy as he belted out bar after bar of the song as the crowd threw themselves around like ragdolls.

Fans weren’t waiting long before Curry returned to the stage for a final tune, with his cover of Rage Against the Machine’s “Bulls on Parade”. The crowd was whipped into a frenzy as the final lines of the song played, with even more chants of “one more tune”.

The whole show was stellar, with Curry’s powerful energy and the amazing setlist elevating it to another level.

Tadgh McNally

Image Credit: Flickr