Klaus is a heartwarming Christmas film with a lot to say

Klaus is a heartwarming animated Christmas movie for the entire family to enjoy. Released as a Netflix original movie, Klaus gives a new take on the origin of Santa Claus, exploring valuable lessons of love, happiness, grief and compassion.

Set in a time before Santa Claus, Klaus follows the journey of a young postman, Jesper, voiced by Jason Schwartzman. He lives his life surrounded by people who tend to his every whim. His father becomes fed up of his lazy ways and sends him to the island of Speerensburg, with the challenge of delivering 6,000 letters in year.

Jesper soon learns that Speerensburg is a place of hatred, built on feuds and grudges. When he discovers a reclusive, frightening toy maker, Mr. Klaus, the postman accidentally leaves behind a drawing of a young boy trapped in his house. Mr. Klaus, played by J.K. Simmons, decides to deliver a toy to this boy, in an attempt to cheer him up.

Once Jesper realises he can persuade children to send letters in exchange for a gift, he begins to work closely with Mr. Klaus. Soon, children begin to realise only good children get toys and they start to help their neighbours and attend school.

Seeing this change in community, over a small act of kindness is moving for both Jesper and the audience. Jesper grows to love Speerensburg as he forms new friendships and spreads joy alongside Mr. Klaus.

The movie is both moving and funny as we meet a variety of different characters, each with a unique personality and qualities who are affected by the goodwill of Mr. Klaus and Jesper.

Sergio Pablos, a Spanish animator and creator of “Despicable Me” uses an unusual style of animation, which adds breathtakingly gorgeous visuals to the movie. Pablos cleverly uses this movie to show how Jesper overcomes grief, how good behaviour will be rewarded and how important friendship is.

This beautifully animated movie is driven by visuals, as there is very little dialogue. This works best as you see for yourself how the people and town of Speerensburg are changing and developing over time.

The audience is moved when Jesper puts aside his selfish ways, and “Invisible” by Zara Larsson plays as the pair decides to work together to continue to change Speerensburg for the better. “Invisible” is a song about how happiness can have powerful changes, rather than material objects.

Seeing this change in character and community is truly magical and proves that Christmas is about coming together and being happy, not just the gifts under the tree. I believe the most important lesson in this movie is that, “a true selfless act always sparks another”.

Whether you enjoy the emotive themes, the comedy or the visuals, “Klaus” has something for everyone, for people of all ages. I have no doubt that this will be a classic Christmas movie in years to come.

Emily Clarke

Image credit: Netflix