Voters fail to turn out for DCUSU’s referendums

Tadgh McNally

Current names include Hubby McHubface, Huway and the Hive.

Three referendums which were held by DCU Students’ Union were deemed to be invalid due to them not reaching quorum.

The quorum for each of the referendums was 10 per cent of the student population, which is 1,762 votes. The highest poll in the three referendums was in the referendum to lobby DCU on the sale of tobacco and e-cigarettes, which totalled at 1,067 votes. 634 students voted in favour, while 433 voted against the proposal.

The referendum to remain affiliated with the USI had a total poll of 909, with 785 votes in favour and 124 voting against the proposal.

The lowest turnout was with the referendum on DCUSU’s new proposed constitution, with only 814 students voting in the poll. The total vote in favour was 684, with 130 votes against the new constitution.

DCUSU were contacted for a comment, but have not yet responded at the time of publication.

Tadgh McNally

Image Credit: DCU Students’ Union