The trials and tribulations of the first time bra fitting

Isabella Finn

Approximately 70% of women are wearing the wrong bra size and this is a statistic that has been thrown around for over 20 years. Wearing the wrong bra size can cause back pain, breast pain, shoulder and neck pain, block lymph nodes, skin abrasions, bad posture and can even cause premature sagging. So why, with the knowledge of these complications, are women still wearing ill fitted bras? The best answer is that women are either too afraid or too proud to ask for help and get fitted.

If your fear is standing in front of another woman bare breasted then fear not, because that doesn’t happen at a bra fitting. So it’s time to stop wearing sports bras and putting off resizing. You walk into any lingerie shop or the underwear section of some department stores and there’s a lady waiting to help you.

It goes like this, she’ll ask what size are you currently wearing and what discomfort you have in your current size. Based on this she’ll bring you a few different cup and back sizes and she’ll leave you to get to work. No nakedness. You try on all the sizes and after a few minutes you’ll get a call from the other side of the changing room door. You’ll need to show her one of the new sizes on you so that she can judge where the weight is being distributed evenly or incorrectly.

Then she’ll gift you with the wisdom of bra maths, information that you can use for the rest of your life and reapply to every bra you try on. 70% of the weight and pressure of a bra is carried by the back piece, not the cup or the strap, the back piece. The bra clasps are should sit low on your back, under your shoulder blades isn’t low enough, it should rest near the centre of your back. You get measured with a measuring tape to get the correct inches.

The straps hold 20% of the weight, on most bras this is adjustable so if you are adjusting it yourself judge it by fitting two fingers under the strap. If it is too difficult, it is too tight. If it is too easy, it’s too loose. It’s all about balance.

The remaining 10% hold the weight of your breasts, that’s it. The bridge of the underwire right at the cleavage must lie flat to your sternum. The effect being to lift and separate your airbags evenly.

In a regular t-shirt bra your breasts shouldn’t be touching or look like two Phil Mitchell’s attempting to head butt each other. This bubbling effect is proof that your cup size is too small. Again lift and separate, unless your desired look is to have two Phil Mitchell heads on your chest. Not recommended though, it’s not great for your back.

Another thing to be wary of is that size, like in all shops, is relative. Think of your bra like a good pair jeans, you always try on before you buy and now you have the maths to fit yourself, welcome to the 30%.

Isabella Finn

Image Credit: Isabella Finn