Best zero waste products to invest in

Katie Lowry

Zero waste products are a hugely important market that is constantly growing, and thankfully today the zero-waste movement has gained serious momentum, especially in recent months. These everyday alternatives prove essential to help save our planet and become more sustainable. 

Here are some of the best zero-waste products around from plastic and waste-free to natural and organic to the best reusable’s out there to help you become more eco-friendly and reduce your waste footprint. 

As a society we have become more environmentally conscious and understand the dangers of single use plastic. Plastic bottles don’t biodegrade and will stay in our environment forever which not only means the release of toxic chemicals into the environment but also causes severe harm to the wildlife on this earth today and in the future. A simple alternative and a must have is a reusable water bottle. 

From pastels to glitters to floral designs, Chilly’s stainless steel reusable bottles are both modern and stylish and have led the way with many fitness and fashion influencers promoting the brand on Instagram. You can find these bottles in Brown Thomas, Arnotts and Harvey Nichols to name a few and they start at €25.

Hydrapak, Hydoflask, Yeti and Klean Kanteen all have an exceptional range of bottles too with a wide variety of choice suitable for you. 

Next up, we can reduce waste from a single use plastic bag to reusable grocery bags which are perfect for your shopping. Make sure to bring multi-sized cloth produce bags to the supermarket with you each time and help save the planet as you remain plastic free during your shopping trip. 

The Earthwise deluxe collapsible reusable shopping box grocery bag set are easy to pack as well as durable so a great option for not only shopping but carrying other items if needed too which are available on Amazon starting at €25 coming in sets of two and three.

A straw market bag is an excellent organic option that will be naturally broken down over time. Ten thousand villages provide the “essential companion tote” which is a sturdy option with leather straps. 

Little Green Shop supply a wide range of reusable bags such as mesh, canvas sacks and organic cotton produce bags all at affordable prices.  

Super Valu is the first supermarket in Ireland to introduce 100 per cent compostable reusable shopping bags.

Stainless steel or glass straws are an essential replacement for single use plastic straws which end up in landfill and never decompose. Ecostraws supply coloured stainless steels straws, as well as glass straws starting at €8.95. You can purchase a set of 8 reusable metal drinking straws by YIHONG with two cleaning brushes on Amazon for €4.55.  IKEA also have a range of stainless steal straws for €4. 

Why not switch up your toothbrush from a plastic one to a bamboo alternative which is compostable and widely available in stores such as Holland and Barrett, Boots and Earth mother.

A reusable coffee cup is key to not stave away from the 500 million disposable cups that are produced annually. Keep cups and insulated water bottles do the perfect job with brands like Frank Green, Stojo, Keep cup and Joco readily available. 

Make your bathroom more eco friendly and switch to a bar of soap rather then its liquid form which comes in an unnecessary plastic bottle. Bar soaps such as Weleda, Friendly Soap’s and Eco Warrior are all top choices for sustainability and their dedication to it through their business. 

Individuals must remember that their consumer habits and actions do affect the planet so its bears no sense to not get on board the zero-waste movement and invest in as many of these items above, which may prove critical in future years.

Katie Lowry

Image Credit: Pxfuel