Valentines Day gifts that you partner actually wants on a student budget

Kinga Piotrowska

With Valentines, Birthdays and Christmas you only ask yourself two questions; what am I going to get them and how am I going to afford it?

With Valentines however, you can get away with personalised gifts ensuring your significant other gets something they actually want without you spending a fortune. Coming up to Valentines, you should always observe what the other person uses, what brands they like or things that they’re starting to run out of, as it might make your shopping trip much easier. Starting off with cards, home-made ones are always underrated.

A piece of coloured paper and a printer is all you need. A more personalised card will be much more remembered than a typical one as you can print out a photograph, or simply make it funny by printing out their favourite meme. You won’t only save money, but you will give them a unique and creative card that no one else will have. 

If you want to focus more on personalised gifts, examples of some that won’t break the bank are mugs, pillows, key chains, or phone cases. Frames are also a good idea and depending on your budget you can always add some printed photos or a photo album. Photo albums or photos are thoughtful gifts that are appreciated and kept for years as they’re a great thing to look back on in the future.

Some useful gifts within a budget can also be found on Amazon. Portable chargers in the shape of a love heart, travelling or 100 things to do scratch maps, board games, colour changing light bulbs, mugs in the shape of a camera lens and so on. Sometimes it’s nice to get something your significant other would want but they feel they always put off buying. Other, more obvious gifts include, cologne, watches, notebooks, chocolates, candles, facemasks, flowers, clothes or accessories, however, if it’s something you know they want and fit your budget, then they will also make a perfect gift. 

If you’re also trying to cut down on buying material things don’t forget about websites such as Groupon. You can find things you can both do together, and an experience as a gift is always a great way to go. If you want to take sustainability into account too, vouchers even ones such as buying someone Spotify premium for a month or an audible membership instead of a book can be a lovely gift.

Thinking of more practical options such as makeup or jewellery organisers, a wallet or new headphones are other useful gift ideas. If you have patience and are looking for gifts especially on a budget, shops such as TK Maxx are also a great way of finding some good quality or designer gifts at a lower price. However, the most important thing to remember when buying Valentines gifts is that it’s the gesture and thought that matters, not the amount you spend, and personal things such as a home-made card, or a photo album can often be the things that have the biggest impact.

Kinga Piotrowska

Image Credit: Pixabay