Mae Muller’s performance proves to have something for everyone

Sonja Tutty

TThe Academy was half-filled with a range of TikTok loving teenagers, college students and middle-aged couples – or possibly the teenagers’ supervisors – for Mae Muller’s performance.

The event began with a mixture of pop music but Doja Cat’s “Say So” grabbed the crowd’s attention as the younger fans broke out into a synchronized TikTok dance – leaving older fans confused.

Eventually, Muller’s band came onto stage with Liam McGarry on guitar, Andre Hutchinson on drums, and Chad, the Polymath on keys and began playing the intro to “Busy Tone”.

With excitement building, Mae Muller finally appeared from the dark and almost immediately jumped off the stage to greet fans at the barrier. “I love you Dublin” she shouted between the song’s lyrics.

She went on to play one of her older songs, “Leave It Out”, which carries her iconic theme and attitude of “I am too hot for you”.

“Sometimes you realize your man doesn’t deserve you.” She told the audience.

To slow the night down she played one of her own favourites, “Maybe”, and warned that she may tear up.

“This song just means so much to me, I hope it means something for you too,” she said before beginning the somber tune.

Straying from her own songs, Muller entertained the crowd with a cover of “Ocean Eyes” by Billie Eilish, keeping the mellow tone and slowing down the atmosphere.

A highlight of the performance was when Muller asked the room if it was anyone’s birthday and she soon found a girl who was turning 22. This proved to be the perfect opportunity to sing her unreleased song “Happy Fucking Birthday,” which is about her dumping someone on their birthday.

The song was quickly picked up by fans and by the final chorus she had the room belting out, “Happy fucking birthday, I hope that it’s the worst day of the year.”

Keeping the energy high her most recent single “Therapist” came as the crowd pushed towards the stage. By this time, nobody was sitting along the sides anymore.

Before the start of her final song Muller spoke to the crowd about how much the fans mean to her and that she wants her concert to be a safe space, “It doesn’t matter what you identify as or who you love, I hope you feel welcome here.”

Looking around, it became obvious that the atmosphere and crowd had changed from segregated groups of teenagers, college students, and older couples to simply a crowd of fans enjoying Muller’s final song, “Anticlimax.”

Muller and the band’s chemistry came out in full force with an electric performance to finish off the night – which seemed to have ended as soon as it started.  But, staying engaged with her fan base, she organized a meet and greet for any fan that stayed behind.

Despite the small numbers and a strange mixture of people, Muller’s performance showcased her talent and incredible connection with fans. There is no doubt, she will be performing for packed and larger venues in the near future.

Sonja Tutty 

Image Credit: Sonja Tutty