Meet the man behind Billie Eilish’s music

Isabella Finn

Four time Grammy award winner, Finneas O’Connell, has bounced from the background of his little sister’s sky rocketing career and is slowing becoming a star in his own right.

Also known as FINNEAS, Billie Eilish’s 22-year-old brother is responsible for co-writing and producing some of Eilish’s biggest hits. He penned “Bad Guy” and the majority of the award winning “When We All Fall Asleep Where Do We Go?” studio album.

His music producing doesn’t stop with his little sister, FINNEAS has also produced songs by other massive artists like Selena Gomez on her apparent Bieber track “Lose You To Love Me”. He has also worked on songs with Halsey, Tove Lo and Camilla Cabello to name a few.

Before Eilish whisper-sang her emo pop songs into the charts, FINNEAS had been paving his own way into the entertainment business with a few acting credits that you might recognise.

FINNEAS starred as Spencer opposite Cameron Diaz in her 2011 comedy film “Bad Teacher” with Justin Timberlake. If you can’t recall him straight away you might remember a line referring to one of the class pupils as “Twilight” because of his Robert Pattinson styled coiffed hair, FINNEAS is “Twilight”.

However FINNEAS is most recognisable as his character Alistair on the final season of “Glee”. Alistair was the tall goofy kid with a ukulele who sat on pianos and had shoulder length ginger hair, if that rings any bells. Although he never sang a solo as Alistair on the show, he was a member of the Rachel Berry led New Directions and sang chorus in the group numbers.

Despite all the credited acting roles listed on his IMDb page, music has always been a constant for FINNEAS. FINNEAS started writing his own songs at the age of 12 and has been a member of multiple bands before trying his hand at music producing.

Before you compare FINNEAS to the eldest Jonas Brother Kevin, the one who writes songs, sings backing for his brothers and plays guitar, just know that FINNEAS can sing solo too.

His latest song from his EP “Blood Harmony” really demonstrates just how much stylistic influence FINNEAS and his little sister have on each other. “Let’s Fall In Love For The Night” showcases his delicate vocal range and if you close your eyes you can almost hear Eilish singing it too.

The only noticeable difference in their musical style is that FINNEAS doesn’t have the sometimes grungy undertones that Eilish has. Other than that their lyrical storytelling and chord progression are very similar. Seeing as FINNEAS has co-written the majority of Eilish’s songs, this isn’t surprising .

In other words, if “Let’s Fall In Love For The Night” had found itself in “When We All Fall Asleep Where Do We Go?”, you wouldn’t bat an eyelid. With nearly 10 years already establishing himself in the entertainment business, hopefully FINNEAS will find a way to step out from behind his sister’s shadow and let us fall in love with him.

Isabella Finn 

Image Credit: SoundCloud