DCU boxer comes out on top at the Golden Girl Championships

Daniel Phelan

Dublin City University student Jennifer Lehane claimed the gold medal at the 2020 Golden Girl Championships earlier this month. 

The Championships took place in Borås in Sweden from January 31st to February 2nd and saw competitors from all across Europe take part.

DCU was represented at the Championships by two participants – Jennifer Lehane and Renne Roache.

Speaking to The College View, Lehane said: “we travelled over to Sweden together on Thursday, we weighed-in on Friday morning.”

“I fought Sweden in the quarter finals on the Friday, I then fought England in the semi-finals on Saturday and I had Portugal in the final on Sunday, I won all three fights by unanimous decisions”, she said.

All three of Lehane’s adversaries were of a high standard and remarkably had more experience than her as she only began boxing 18 months ago.

Bizarrely, Lehane had registered just four fights before heading into the Golden Girl Championships earlier this month.

“I didn’t really think about it too much to be honest. I trained really hard for it and I knew I had put in the work, but at the same time I still only had four boxing fights under my belt prior to this competition. So I did set out to win, because that’s what I was training for”, she said.

Going into the tournament, Lehane wanted to challenge herself and see how she would fare against in a more experienced competition, “I was kind of just more looking forward to seeing how I would fight against the other international high-level boxers and just kind of see where I stood but I was delighted with my performances and obviously delighted with my results too,” said Lehane.

Lehane spoke about starting off in the sport and she believes that much of her success comes from her proficiency in taekwondo in which she is also a European champion. “I initially just wanted to kind of try something new, whilst also improving my taekwondo but I fell in love with boxing instantly. I guess my experience with taekwondo kind of set the foundation for boxing,” Lehane said.

While they are two very unique sports, Lehane draws on the parallels between the two disciplines. “They both have one big thing in common and that is ‘to hit and not get hit’. So, I suppose a lot of the skills that I already had from taekwondo transferred over to boxing, things like movement, conditioning, distance and all that. I’m a quick learner and I’m really competitive with myself so if I can’t get something straight away I’ll work hard to improve it until I get it.”

Next on the agenda for the multi-disciplined fighter are the College Championships that will take place next month. She’s also looking ahead to the National Under-22 Championships in which she also hopes to be fighting in.

However, for now, Lehane is content with where she is and what’s ahead of her. “I just love getting in the ring, I love fighting and I’m just really excited to see what the future holds.”

Daniel Phelan

Image Credit: Jennifer Lehane