Coronavirus protocols released by DCU

Tadgh McNally

Image Credit: NIAID

DCU have released information regarding the coronavirus, including protocol if a case was confirmed on campus.

The protocol would place the individual in self-isolation in campus accommodation or at home. DCU would also work with both the HSE and emergency services to ensure a high standard of care.

The student health centre has also put in place protocols to isolate and treat incidents if they arise. 

According to DCU, they have also reached out to staff and students who have travelled to China within the last six weeks.

As well as this, a number of students are no longer able to travel to Chinese universities for the academic year. DCU have confirmed that an alternative study programme will be made available, as well as alternative accommodation.

Study groups from China and other affected countries who were scheduled to travel to DCU have also been cancelled. 

According to the Chief Operations Officer, Declan Raftery, washing hands for 20 seconds with either soap and water or hand sanitizer is the most effective method of minimizing infection. For this reason, alcohol-based hand sanitizers have been made available across all DCU campuses.

DCU have encouraged anyone who thinks they or someone they know has contracted the coronavirus to call the HSELive helpline at 1850 24 1850.

Additional information can be found at

Tadgh McNally

Image Credit: NIAID