All time high in breast cancer diagnoses

February 5, 2020

Despite the fact that the risk of Breast Cancer increases with age, up-take for the screening service drops drastically above the age of 54. While there was a 74.4 per cent up-take for women in the 50-54 age category, this dropped to 32.1 for the 55-59 year-olds. This fell again to 25.7 per cent for 60-64 year-olds and 20 per cent for the over 65’s greatly reducing their chances of detecting potential breast cancer at an early stage.


Breaking down the Green Deal for Ireland

February 5, 2020

The idea of a Just Transition ensures that those who have been working in a particular sector for the majority of their lives will not be left without a livelihood or opportunities when the industry closes down or adapts to pursue more carbon neutral practices. 


DCU progress in Collingwood Cup upset

February 4, 2020

DCU produced the shock of the Rustlers sponsored Irish Universities Collingwood Cup opening day when they knocked out UCD 4-3 in a penalty shoot out after the sides finished 2-2.