Affordable mid-semester relaxation methods

Anja Zauers

As the semester halfway mark begins to creep up on us, so does the never-ending supply of workload.

Sounds like a well-deserved break from the books is needed. So pack away the electronics and take a day for yourself, exploring some of Dublin’s finest hidden gems.

Why not take a trip out to Dublin’s finest Tea Garden? The perfect sanctuary away from the bustling city, this haven consists of six quirky rooms and 40 varieties of tea from all around the world. As well as tea, they also offer homemade milkshakes, cakes and some say the best-tasting hummus in Dublin.

With its modern oriental decor, dimly lit and cosy rooms, you can allow yourself to completely unwind and escape the stress of college life. Besides, who doesn’t love a good cup of tea, after a long hard day of work?

If yoga and dogs are what takes your fancy then you absolutely have to check out “The Space Between”, a dog-friendly yoga studio located on Fenian Street. Yes, you read that correctly, dog-friendly.

With two contemporary studios on show, one which basks in natural light and the other, a darker more contemplative space, there’s something for whatever mood you’re in. The studio offers classes in yoga, hot yoga and meditation, with classes in guided meditation starting at just 8 euro. Where could you go wrong?

Feeling a bit run down, but still want to get out and do something? Well then “Salt Cave Halotherapy” in Balbriggan, might be just what you need. As salt is a natural antibiotic and antiviral and anti-inflammatory product, when inhaled it can have a positive impact on various skin and respiratory system disorders.

With sessions starting at 15 euro for adults, you can experience all the caves have to offer such as medicinal grade salt, ambient light, Four VidaXL massage chairs equipped with back heater function, a water fountain, therapeutic nature sounds and optional medicinal and aromatic salt sachets for your chest. Sounds like an absolute dream.

If a dreamy massage is what you’re looking for, then “Late Night Beauty Salon” has you sorted. Located in one of Dublin’s oldest buildings in Temple bar, this colourful and quirky salon has massages starting at 35 euro. Not too bad for a little pick me up treat. With their super accommodating hours, (7am-10pm), you’ll definitely find the time to fit it into any hectic schedule.

Finally, what better way to relax and destress then going to the great outdoors for a beautifully peaceful walk? In Dublin, we’re surrounded by incredible hiking trails, one of which was named one of the most scenic trails in the world.

This, of course, is the famous Dublin Mountains Way hiking trail, a 43km stretch from Shankill to Sean Walsh memorial park in Tallaght. Pack yourself a little picnic and take in the breathtaking sights. An added advantage, it won’t even cost you a penny.

So give yourself a break this semester, you deserve it.

Anja Zauers

Image Credit: Flickr