Best cocktails in Dublin

Aoife McMahon

Cocktails are undoubtedly the tastiest way to consume alcohol. Whether you’re a vodka, gin, rum or whiskey person, there is a perfect cocktail for everyone. Here are the best places in Dublin to get the tastiest and best value cocktails. 

The first place is Capitol, located on Aungier Street in Dublin City, it’s the perfect spot if you’re in the mood to try lots of different drinks. Capitol has over 60 different cocktails, their cheapest group of cocktails start as low as €5 and their most expensive one, a gin one, is still only €14. 

The group of cocktails that cost €5 include the classics like a Woo Woo, Sex on the Beach, Cuba Libre and Irish Mule. However, if you’re willing to spend an extra two euro and you’re a fan of whiskey, I highly recommend the Irish Applejacks or the classic Whiskey Sour, they are delicious. 

Capitol is a cool spot, with a young crowd and is the perfect place to hang out if you want a night out where you can sit and chat or have a wild night. It’s also the perfect place to bring friends who don’t drink as they have a delicious mocktail menu as well. 

Token is arguably one of the coolest spots in Dublin these days. Located in Smithfield, this restaurant, bar, retro arcade and pinball parlour is the perfect place for nights out with your friends or even for a lively date. According to Token themselves they have “one of the more interesting cocktail lists around”.

With unusual names and far from ordinary combinations, you’re guaranteed to try something unique if you go here. They also make an effort to make some of their cocktails, that would usually contain egg whites, vegan friendly. 

You can enjoy your cocktails in Token with a delicious meal, while playing one of their arcade games or even engaging in a pinball competition in their downstairs pinball parlour. 

Pygmalion is another great spot for cocktails, or should I say “Pygtails”. Seven days a week, Pygmalion does a two for one deal on all their cocktails, so it’s the perfect spot for a girly cocktail night. 

They even have one cocktail called the Activist, it does not contain any added CO2 and 50% of its profits are donated to the fight against climate change. It contains Jameson, melon and lime liquor and orgeat syrup and is very tasty. 

A cheap and cheerful place close by to Pygmalion is Alfies. It’s a restaurant/cocktail bar that’s perfect for a few drinks with your friends. The cocktails are on the more affordable side with the cheapest one costing only €5 and the two most expensive ones, Long Island Ice Tea and the delicious Espresso Martini, still costing only €12. 

While I wouldn’t consider their cocktails to be as tasty as the likes of Capitol, Alfies is the perfect place if you don’t want to spend too much money or if you’re pre-drinking and heading out somewhere in the city afterwards.

Aoife McMahon

Image Credit: Joy Nwagiriga