Social media platforms that actually deserve our attention

Jessica Woodlock

It has never been harder to find that perfect balance between work and play. In an age where social media can be synonymous with both terms, it is important that you’re not wasting time with frivolous apps. So, what social media platforms actually deserve your time of day?

Naturally, Instagram is in the mix. It’s fun, versatile and exactly what you make it to be. Instagram is a muse, a positive rallying platform, a marketplace, a news medium and place to connect, all in one fun little app.

Insta stories, which once received a lot of hate, are now an elite feature. I for one love seeing people’s coffee spots, holiday locations and the current artists their listening to. It’s easy, it’s cute and it won’t get old anytime soon.

Instagram is useful no matter what you want to use it for. Say you want to check the latest score of a match, you can simply check that teams insta story and more likely than not there will be live updates there. If you want to share what you’re wearing you can easily provide the link for people, making shopping for trends you like ten times easier.

Fundraisers can be shared and support gained for issues.  For instance, the Australian wildfires were shared all over Instagram and millions of dollars were raised to help tackle the problem. Undoubtedly, Instagram is, for the time being, deserving of our attention. 

TikTok- the relatively new, video sharing app is also worthy of our precious time. One of the main reasons for this is because the videos are, for the most part, hilarious. What harm is there in adding a little humour to our lives? You can be both a viewer and performer (for want of a better word), and while it may be a bit time consuming, there are worse things to be addicted to. 

In terms of usefulness it does fall short, you’re not really going to found out the latest news from it, but it will put a smile on your face and sometimes that’s all you want.

Twitter will always be a rallying force on the social media platform list. It is not for everyone but for it to have informative, witty and educational content you need to be following the right people.

Useful as both a source of news and free therapy platform. Block the people you don’t want to hear from and have fun viewing love island memes, keeping up to date with your favourite news organisations or tweeting your thoughts and feelings to your hearts content.

VSCO, while still somewhat small compared to the other dominating apps, is very deserving of consideration. I would classify VSCO as Instagram’s little and perhaps more relaxed younger sister app.

You can post whatever you want, without the pressures that Instagram can hold. There’s no one on the app promoting brands or goods so the only thing you’re likely to fall victim to is a cute black and white filter.

Again, it’s not quite as helpful as Instagram and Twitter but it’s simple, uncomplicated and perfect for when you just want to get away from all the things happening in the world.

Snapchat and Facebook of course have to get a mention, and while they are both useful, they fall short of being innovative. Neither app boasts new, fun features and both apps are really only useful for staying connected. In saying that, without them (Snapchat in particular) we would probably have to go back to connecting with people via actual text messages. 

God forbid.

Jessica Woodlock

Image Credit: Pxfuel