Sugar baby culture in Dublin rising

Aoife O'Brien

Dublin colleges and universities account for the top five fastest growing sugar baby schools in Ireland, according to annual rankings from a US based dating website.

The sugaring site Seeking Arrangements links potential “sugar babies” to rich clients, in a “mutually beneficial relationship.”

Over 23,000 students in Ireland have signed up as sugar babies on the site with a large proportion of them being international students who pay much greater fees than Irish applicants. 

Trinity College Dublin was revealed to be the fastest growing ‘Sugar Baby School’ in Ireland with 675 students signed up according to the company.

University College Dublin follows with 490 students, and Dublin City University comes close in third with 360 students.

Now in its fifth year of operation in Ireland, the number of college sugar babies in Ireland is rising steadily. 

Seeking Arrangements saw a 4 per cent rise in the number of college Sugar Babies seeking Sugar Daddies in 2019 compared to 2018.

As rent prices continue to soar across the capital and students struggle to afford the highest tuition fees in the EU it appears that sugaring is only set to get more popular. 

Research conducted by Bank of Ireland in September of last year found that students have on average less than €10 in disposable income per day.

The Irish League of Credit Unions also found that more than half of students in Ireland skip lectures for paid work. This was up from one in five students in 2017.

However, seeking arrangements said the Irish sugar babies earn an average of €2,150 in monthly allowances making it an extremely desirable option for the cash strapped student.

While some students might be content to earn enough just to pay their bills and get by others will seek out multiple sugar daddy’s in order to experience a life of luxury and to be pampered with fine dinners and exotic trips.

According to public relations specialist at Seeking Arrangements, Kimberly De La Cruz, the sugar lifestyle has empowered women to date men outside their socioeconomic status.

“Sugar babies set their own boundaries, come to the site of their own volition, facilitate their own dates, and make their own decisions,” she told

However, men can set out specific terms of their arrangement surrounding finance, sex and conversation and therefore still assert some control.

Despite this, opportunities for mentorship with a potential sugar daddy is an attractive factor for many sugar babies according to the website. 

Very often students will be living away from home for the first time in a new city or even a new country with no idea how to provide for themselves. 

Sugar Daddies mentor these students on how to manage their finances and elevate their typical college lifestyle, they said.

With the Minister for Higher Education Mary Mitchell O’Connor advising students last year to use their SUSI grant to cover the cost of rent it is clear that the Irish government do not understand the extent of the financial struggle facing most students.

The maximum monthly stipend a student can receive from SUSI is €600 while the average rent in Dublin has surpassed €2,000.

The lack of supports provided to students to fund their higher education means that many more students will soon be making sugaring their reality.

Aoife O’Brien

Image Credit: Lifetime