Summer 2020 festival guide and why you should start prepping now

Rachel Power

Over recent years, festivals have been increasing in popularity and numbers alike, but with so many on during a short few months it’s hard to know which are worth going to.

Festivals are the best way to have fun with friends and make great memories. We all see the photos and videos uploaded to Instagram each year of Coachella and Burning Man and of course we all want to experience the fun of those huge festivals. Equally, our own little country has some of the best festivals that will save us money and guarantee the worth in enjoyment.

At the top of the list of the best Irish festivals you should definitely visit at least once in life is none other than Electric Picnic. 

Tickets sell out within minutes every year, including this year already. Tickets last went on sale in December, but in the usual pattern of the organisers, a last batch of tickets are released before June so you have another chance at experiencing the chaos and celebration that is found in one big field in Stradbally from September 4th to 6th.

They don’t come cheap though, with the expected cost being close to and possibly €300. But for three days worth of amazing headlining acts that are yet to be announced, a huge variety of different acts, a rave in the woods to finish each night and not to mention the great food and drinks available, it’s undoubtedly worth every cent. 

Longitude is another worthy three-day festival held on July 3rd to 5th in Marley Park. Tyler the Creator, AJ Tracey, Kendrick Lamar, Mabel and more will be on stage and packing the park to its capacity. Tickets are nearly all sold out, but Sunday tickets still remain at €90 each. 

This is a festival that has been getting better and better each year with Marley Park being sectioned into four different parts that separates genres of music and atmospheres. While the variety of acts and things to do doesn’t compare to Electric Picnic, it’s still worth a visit to see a favourite musician or two.

Life Festival is another event that’s quickly on the rise. This festival is less varied in terms of artists, as the main genre of music for Life is techno and house. Tickets have been on sale for a few months, but you’ll be sure to have a chance at getting some as they don’t sell out entirely because of how specific the genre is.

Acts like Carl Cox, Fisher and Eric Prydz will be filling stages in Belvedere House from May 22nd to 24th. The festival itself is well-known for its unique atmosphere and its incredible setting. The lake is a major factor for this distinct atmosphere with most people opting to chill beside the lake watching the sun go down with some good music in the background. If techno isn’t your cup of tea it would be wise to give this one a miss, but if you’re open to anything then definitely give Life Fest a worthwhile visit.

Rachel Power

Image Credit: Wikimedia