Palaye Royale amaze their fans with Dublin performance

Sally Dobie

Palaye Royale is one of the few bands that I’ve listened to consistently throughout my final year at college, so when I discovered they were starting their world tour in Dublin I was eager to go.

The art-fashion rock band were formed in Las Vegas in 2008, changed their name from Kropp Circle to Palaye Royale in 2011, and signed to rock label Sumerian Records in 2015. The band call their fans “Soldiers of the Royal Council”.

I only really found out about them last year when, like most of my new music, Spotify recommended them to me. My first introduction to them was the song You’ll Be Fine, which I quickly got addicted to and led to me downloading all their albums. With tickets at the amazing price of €23, of course I was going to go!

The group performed at The Button Factory in Temple Bar last Sunday, and really managed to make every single person in the small venue feel valued.

Brothers Remington Leith, Emerson Barrett and Sebastian Danzig, along with guitarists Daniel Curcio and Andrew Martin, came to the stage at around 9.15pm, after some great support from Kerry-based band Greywind and the New Pagans from Belfast.

The band have such an awesome stage presence, they manage to make the whole audience feel like they’re noticed and appreciated. Front-man Remington Leith probably spent more time in the audience than on the stage with his band-mates.

At one point he walked to the centre of the audience and asked everyone to sit down with him. The crowd quickly obliged, and sang one of Palaye’s slower songs, “Ma Cherie”, along with Leith. It was a really heart-warming event to watch.

It’s easy for a band to stay separated from their fans, both physically on the stage and on a deeper level. But Palaye Royale really managed to include every one of their fans in their performance, with Leith doing much more legwork than most lead singers. He actually got up on the bar at the back of the venue at one point, and also jumped from about two metres off the top of the set onto the stage.

Palaye are very energetic on stage, with Leith and Danzig spending little to no time standing still, and even drummer Emerson Barrett came to the front during Ma Cherie, sitting high on the side of the stage to play tambourine.

Highlights of the performance were definitely the performance of “Dying in a Hot Tub”, and two of the songs from their latest EP titled: “Massacre, The New American Dream”. The title track is a commentary on gun violence and school shootings in the US, and is also just a great song.

The energy may have just been due to the excitement of the start of their tour, but seeing the reaction on social media after other concerts, other fans all seem similarly overwhelmed by the amazing performances. I honestly can’t wait until I have another opportunity to see them live.

Sally Dobie

Image Credit: Sally Dobie