Tame Impala make their eagerly awaited comeback

Aoife McMahon

Five long years since the last album and almost a year since we heard new singles, Tame Impala have finally released their highly anticipated album “The Slow Rush”. 

Juxtaposing to their song “Feels Like We Only Go Backwards”, Tame Impala seem to be only improving with each album. Some fans have said “The Slow Rush” is the best of theirs to date. It’s the perfect combination of that electronic upbeat feel that the album “Currents” has while still embracing the psychedelic rock that “Lonerism” perfected.

Kevin Parker, the man who writes, records, performs and produces all of Tame Impala’s music has really outdone himself with this new record. You have to marvel that on every single track Parker makes every noise, he sings, plays every instrument and twists every knob.

When you think about the work Parker had to put into the album it’s no wonder it took him five years to release it. “The Slow Rush” was supposed to be released in April 2019 before Tame Impala headlined Coachella, but Parker felt the album wasn’t ready yet and delayed the release until February 14th, 2020.

The recurring theme in the “The Slow Rush” is time. Parker explores the concept of time throughout the record right down to the title of the album itself, which is a stunning oxymoron on how Parker must have felt writing the songs.

The album opens and closes with the songs “One More Year” and “One More Hour”. “One More Year” is a relatable song that has a certain sense of dread about it, it talks about living like a free spirit but only for one more year.

Whereas, “One more Hour” closes the album in a more upbeat fashion. The impressive seven-minute-long song ends the record with a positive look on life and takes a look at love, happiness and the future.

One of the best songs on the album is “Lost in Yesterday”. This song wouldn’t be out of place on the album “Currents” and could possibly be the “The Less I Know the Better” equivalent on “The Slow Rush” album. It’s sure to be a favourite for both huge fans and those who only know a few songs.

In this song with its hypothesizing bassline, Parker sings about letting go of the things that hurt us and tells everyone to take bad memories and experiences and lose them in yesterday.

Another great song on the album is “On Track”.  According to Parker, this is a song for the eternal optimist. “On Track”, is a stunning ballad with powerful keys, dramatic drums and lyrics about getting up and dusting yourself off.

The album is most like their previous album “Currents”, any hardcore fans of that album or Tame Impala in general are sure to love this latest addition to Parker’s library. Fans will be pleased to know Parkers knack for crafting the perfect tune is still intact.

The best albums grow and develop the more to listen to them, this certainly applies to “The Slow Rush”. With 12 songs that take just under an hour to enjoy, you’re bound to find some hidden layers and meanings after each listen.

Aoife McMahon 

Image Credit: Tame Impala Album Cover