Do students still feel comfortable turning to their parents for advice?

Aoife McMahon

As you grow older the relationship you have with your parents can change dramatically. Sometimes it’s easier to develop good relationships with your parents as you reach adulthood

Are students more comfortable asking their parents for advice or help in difficult situations now than when they were younger? From my own personal experience and from what I see with most of my friends, students are happy asking for their parent’s input into their lives.

I have always been extremely lucky as I have always had a great relationship with my parents. In more recent years I’ve noticed that I feel more comfortable turning to my parents for advice. 

My most recent example of when I asked my parents for help was when I made the decision to do a Masters. This was an expensive and difficult decision for me, that I kept going back and forth on, but one that my parents helped me decide after many long conversations.

The older we get the less our parents have to “parent us”. When you’re younger it’s easy to just see your parents as the people who won’t let you have sleepovers every weekend or go outside when you still have homework to do. Now that I’m more independent, I find that I enjoy hanging out with my parents and they are just as much my friends as they are my parents. 

My mam and dad know me better than anyone in the world, they’ve seen me at my best, and they’ve seen me at my absolute worst.

My parents sometimes give better advice than my friends do, simply because they are older and have more life experience. Our generation is lucky as our parents are the first group of parents to really understand mental health and who aren’t embarrassed to talk about it. 

When I was younger and went through hard times, I never told my parents about it. But now that I’m older and know they can empathize with me, I tell my parents everything, even if it’s just a slight inconvenience I’ve experienced

In my friend groups, I have friends who are fortunate enough to have great relationships with their parents and friends who aren’t. One of my friends said, while they don’t tell their parents every detail of her life, they would be the first people she turns to for advice.

She said her parents have yet to give her bad advice. She feels the older, more mature she gets, the easier talking to her parents is as they can be more honest with her and not have to sugar coat anything.

Having someone older than you to turn to for advice is a great asset in life. Even if you don’t have the best relationship with your parents perhaps try to talk to another relative or any older adult you trust.

My parents might still nag me to clean my room and to stop fighting with my sisters but at the end of the day, they’re the first people I go to if I need advice.

By Aoife McMahon

Image: Pikrepo