SU Elections 2020 – VP for Education & Placement: Chloe McMorrow

Brendan Fernando Kelly Palenque

Chloe McMorrow smiling.

[This candidate did not accept an in-person or phone interview with The College View due to illness]

For the second year in a row, only one candidate is running to be the Vice President (VP) for Education and Placement.

Chloe McMorrow is running for the positions in DCU students’ union (SU) for the 2020/2021 academic year uncontested.

McMorrow is a fourth-year student and is currently studying Bachelor of Business Studies with INTRA.

Last year, the current VP for Education and Placement, Olivia Forde, was also the only candidate to run for the position. She won the race with a total of 2,101 votes.

At the time she said that: “I’m delighted… I know it’s only a solo race so I was a bit surprised at the amount of people that did vote.” With no scandals under her belt, McMorrow may repeat history.

Before Forde, Craig McHugh served as the VP for Education and Placement. He’s currently the Vice President for the Dublin region for the Union of Students Ireland. Interestingly enough, he also ran uncontested in said USI election.

Last year, McHugh spoke about how the INTRA portal system had not been updated due to a lack of funding. The system itself was last updated over 12 years ago according to a Freedom of Information request.

Various SU candidates for Education and Placement have promised to update the system – including McHugh – but as of yet, it remains the same.

The INTRA portal is a system for students to upload their CVs and apply for placements for their course. If a student successfully gets an interview, they must check the INTRA website to find out. Students are not notified via email or any other method.

Additionally, while students can apply for as many positions as they’d like, they must take the first position offered them.

McMorrow was suffering from a chest infection and as such was not available for an interview with The College View. Therefore, it is not yet known whether she also intends on updating the INTRA portal.

Castlebar native McMorrow showed her support for two other candidates running for SU election on Facebook; Presidential candidate Fearghal Lynch and Welfare and Equality candidate Kate Stafford.

As McMorrow is running unopposed, there are only two ways in which she would lose.

If she were not to receive the minimum number of votes necessary to be deemed elected or if more people voted to re-open nominations than had voted for her.

Brendan Fernando Kelly Palenque

Image Credit: Chloe McMorrow