SU Elections 2020 – DCU Business School Faculty Representative: Charlie Kinsella

Ryan Carrick

Charlie Kinsella smiling.

Business School Faculty Rep candidate Charlie Kinsella is running for election and said comments he made last year about Rosa Parks were not taken as literally as they should have been. 

Referring to comments he made during his campaign last year in which he compared DCU students to American civil rights activist Rosa Parks in which Kinsella said “At least Rosa Parks was able to get on the bus but unfortunately students have been left out in the cold when it comes to commuting.”

One year on, he said: “My point was at the time not to make light of what happened because I’ve studied that period of history quite extensively,” Kinsella said. “Rosa Parks was a microcosm of segregation and what I saw here was a government who was handing out monopolies, power to companies, private companies.

“If I want to be home to Drogheda at a particular time and I need to be on that four o’clock bus, that bus is driving straight past me because the bus is full,” he said. “Students are literally being left in the cold.

“If that’s controversial, fine. I wouldn’t like to see it taken out of context and it might have been. But it’s what I said and I stand by it.”

The 20 year old Accounting & Finance student says a five day week is unnecessary and wants to reduce the business faculty week to four days.

“Within the business faculty, there’s no reason why we should have a five-day week. Most courses have 12, 15 or 17 hour weeks. A four-day week is more appropriate,” he said. “Even from a sustainability point of view, you’re saving a fifth of the commuting costs.”

Kinsella said he would take an “active role” in addressing the rise in accommodation prices by canvassing to local people about renting out a spare bedroom to students.

Kinsella says he plans on tackling the issue of high failure rates, particularly in the accounting modules.

“As an AF2 student and as a guitar teacher, I kind of come at this from a student and teacher perspective,” he said. “Something like a maths learning centre within the business faculty is really important.”

Ryan Carrick

Image credit: Charlie Kinsella