SU Elections 2020 – Engineering and Computing Faculty Rep: Edy Nastase

Shauna Power

Edy Nastase with glasses and a white t-shirt.

Edy Nastase is a first-year common engineering student and the only candidate running for the position of Engineering and Computing Faculty Rep. “I want to represent DCU’s next generation of STEM students and offer them the opportunity of becoming the best at international level”, said Nastase.

If elected, Nastase wants to get more certifications for Engineering and Computing students, that “would be extremely useful and crucial if you intend to apply for a programming job.” Nastase also aims to hold a series of events aimed at linking companies with engineering and computing students, providing them with opportunities like summer internships. He wants to increase the number of competitions based on engineering and computing, offering the students a chance to reveal their potential.

Finally, he plans to organise more hackathons which would “offer great opportunities to both experienced and inexperienced students to broaden their horizons and take part in large team-based events.”

Shauna Power

Image credit: Edy Nastase