SU Elections 2020 – No one running for Science & Health Faculty Rep, Clubs Officer & Societies Officer

Shauna Power

DCUSU offices.

There are no candidates running for the positions of Clubs Officer, Societies Officer or Science and Health Faculty Rep in the upcoming DCU students’ union (SU) elections.

“The position of Clubs Officer is highly valuable for student representation”, DCUs’ Club Life Committee (CLC) said, “unfortunately no student has put themselves forward for the role in this current election.” 

However this is not unusual as the position does not get as much exposure as other executive positions, according to the CLC.

The Clubs Officer’s and Societies Officer’s primary role is to support clubs/societies in DCU. Whereas, the Science and Health Faculty Rep represents the six schools within the faculty.

The CLC said, the election will be run again in semester one of the 2020/2021 academic year. In the meantime, the work of the Clubs Officer will be carried out between the incoming Vice President for Engagement and Development and the CLC.

The College View didn’t receive a comment from the current Science and Health Faculty Rep in time for publication.

Shauna Power

Image credit: Joy Nwagiriga