SU Elections 2020 – President: Evan Faul

Aoife O'Brien

Evan Faul in a denim jacket.

Final year Bachelor of Arts Joint Honours student Evan Faul will make increasing engagement across all three DCU campuses a priority if elected DCU students’ union (SU) President for the 2020-2021 academic year.

Having studied between St Pat’s and All Hallows campuses during his time as a student in DCU, Faul said that these campuses can often feel neglected in comparison to the main Glasnevin campus.

According to Faul the lack of representation from clubs and societies on these campuses is a main contributing factor to this. 

“We have three amazing campuses and things like clubs and socs are solely based on Glasnevin and there is very little to do on Pat’s and All Hallows during the day,” he said.

Faul said that his involvement in clubs and socs in DCU has been hindered by the fact that he would often have to travel to the Glasnevin campus to attend events which was not always possible when his lectures were on St Pat’s campus.

“If you miss meetings then you start to feel less included in the society… I would like to work with clubs and socs events and possibly introduce mandatory events on Pat’s,” he said.

Faul also believes that the SU has to become more visible to students so that engagement can be increased and student issues can be resolved.

“As a Pat’s student you feel that there is very little representation of the SU on Pat’s, so I would like to improve that presence and make them more approachable,” Faul said.

“I think it’s the students’ union’s responsibility to have a presence, especially with the college media and to have transparency with the student body as to what they are doing and what they are trying to get done,” he continued. He noted that this increased transparency and coverage would further increase engagement.

Also appearing on Faul’s manifesto is the aim to improve facilities and provide more convenient appliances including microwaves and phone charging stations which would particularly benefit commuters.

This idea of a commuter hub has been raised in numerous manifestos both from this year’s candidates and in previous elections.

However, according to Faul this is achievable and just hasn’t been prioritised enough in previous years. 

“Since gaining my nomination and talking to students I am hearing microwaves, microwaves, microwaves. It has been a recurring topic over previous elections and I would make it a priority to make sure there are better facilities across all three campuses,” Faul said.

Reflecting on the work of the current SU in this regard Faul said, “Christine and the rest of the current SU might have their priorities set on other things than improving the facilities, improving placement, improving clubs and socs and introducing better exam infrastructures whereas that’s what I’m focusing on,” he said.

“She has her own agenda and I have a different one to her in my opinion,” Faul continued.

Despite this being his first venture into student politics, Faul said his lack of experience won’t hold him back because he knows the issues that are affecting students and how to fix them.

Aoife O’Brien

Image credit: Evan Faul