SU Elections 2020 – President: Katie Fay

Sally Dobie

Katie Fay smiling.

[This candidate did not accept an in-person or phone interview with The College View and thus had time to prepare a response to questions via email]

Presidential candidate Katie Fay plans to focus on student welfare and sustainability if re-elected to the students’ union (SU) next week.

Fay, who is currently the Vice President for Engagement & Development and was previously both Chairperson of the Science & Health Society and Representative of the Science & Health Faculty.

Accommodation is one of the issues mentioned in Fay’s manifesto – she said she hopes to ensure the student voice is represented in all meetings related to on-campus accommodation. She said rent strikes could be effective, however they may not work for DCU students due to payments being made in two lump sums.

Fay said although she has a good relationship with DCU President Brian McCraith and President-Designate Daire Keogh, they do not agree on the issue of the recent rent increases. Fay said “I am confident in my ability to discuss and make progress on these issues with both individuals.”

On the current SU President, Christine Farrell, Katie said she believes Farrell was a strong leader and accomplished a lot of her goals, but hopes she can put “[her] own spin on things”.

During her time as VP for Engagement & Development, Fay planned to employ a member of staff full-time to work on events. There is currently a part-time events officer, and the SU are looking for a full-time Marketing & Events officer to work in the Office of Student Life.

She also wanted to hold in-class class representative elections this year, but now says the online loop elections are a “fast and efficient way to get as many class reps elected in a short time frame at the beginning of the year,” so as to be inclusive of part-time and distance-learning students. 

Included in her manifesto for this election is further development of the class representative system. Fay said she plans to work with the VP for Engagement & Development to raise staff awareness of the class rep system, and plans to possibly broadcast representative meetings.

In Fay’s campaign video, she mentions working with the Sustainable Officer and the Sustainable Living society, and hopes to continue work on sustainability if elected. DCU’s Sustainable Living Society replied to her  campaign video, posted on Instagram, and said despite supporting her initiatives, they did not think she had a “dedicated enough partnership with the society this year” for them to be mentioned in the video.

Last year Fay was competing against candidate Helen Wade, a mature student based on St Patrick’s Campus

In this election, Fay will be running against three other candidates: third-year Arts joint honours student Evan Faul, Science Enterprise Computing fourth-year Fearghal Lynch, and fellow SU officer Olivia Forde. Forde is currently VP for Education & Placement.

As a SMART Consent facilitator, Fay wants to continue to implement the consent framework. Also covered in her manifesto is the University of Sanctuary scheme, which Fay hopes to improve through government lobbying.

Sally Dobie

Image credit: Katie Fay