SU Elections 2020 – VP for Academic Affairs: Cormac Flynn

Róisín Maguire

Cormac Flynn smiling.

Final year economics, politics and law student, Cormac Flynn plans to extend the “Don’t Drop Out, Drop In” initiative if elected for VP for Academic Affairs. 

Flynn has experience of working with fellow students as Chair of Class Representative Council and realised that his “passion is fighting for students”.

Flynn’s main plan is to expand Callaghan Commons’ current initiative called “Don’t Drop Out, Drop In” to make it easier for first years students to change courses. He said he wants “to extend this so it provides first year students with an opportunity to explore other courses DCU has to offer and equips them with the knowledge needed to change courses, both inside and outside DCU”. This will be called “Find Your Path Week”.

He stated that Commons has been “a juggernaut for the SU [Students’ Union] in the past two years and that his drive, productivity and positivity” will serve as an inspiration to him if he is elected.

Flynn stated that the current President of DCU, Brían MacCraith has “in his tenure, been an excellent representative for DCU” however his reputation is “tainted” by his parting act (the recent rent increases in DCU accommodation). 

He said, “I don’t know how much he supported these decisions as they are not his to make alone but as president, he maintains accountability” and that Dáire Keogh (the next DCU President) must understand that he is not becoming the president of a “profit-making organisation” but of an “institution that provides a human right”. 

Flynn said that in order for students to maintain their rights, students’ unions are vital. “There is no strength without unity, and that is [as] important to society now as it ever was.”

When asked how he would tackle unpaid placements if elected, he said that he would “spearhead campaigns that push for legislation ending this unfair system” and that he plans “to work closely with the USI [Union of Students in Ireland] and other institutions to take a united stand”. 

Part of Flynn’s manifesto mentions how the the vast difference between feedback given to students “is not acceptable in a large university”. He aims to work with the Teaching Enhancement Unit within the university to provide a feedback framework that lecturers must follow. 

Another idea that Flynn has is an “Up Your Game Week” where students can learn skills they can’t receive in the classroom. “Students will be asked what classes they want to see, but some examples are CPR, cookery, first aid and maybe even sewing”.

Róisín Maguire

Image Credit: Cormac Flynn