SU Elections 2020 – VP for Engagement and Development: Thomas Dorian

Shauna Burdis

Thomas Dorian in a blue half-zip smiling.

Thomas Dorian, candidate for Vice President of Engagement and Development, plans to introduce democracy hubs across DCU campuses and improve engagement between the students’ union (SU) and students.

The democracy hub aims to empower students to become more aware and get more involved in campaigns and events. A hub would be opened on both the DCU Glasnevin and St Patrick’s campuses. 

Speaking about the potential hubs, Dorian said: “The idea behind it would be whatever campaign it is that students would be able to go in and use the facilities in it to make banners, to research and contact different colleges.

“We have this huge building and there is still so much potential with it and on the St Pat’s campus. There is scope across the two SU offices to have that space.” 

Dorian’s manifesto places a large emphasis on improving the Class Rep Council. He aims to have biweekly faculty meetings to make the position of a class rep more effective and create a stronger engagement between the SU and students. 

“One of the biggest issues is, I don’t think the SU utilized the part time officers and the class reps as much as they could.

“Generally, the class reps are the leaders on the ground for the SU and I think over the past couple of years the SU teams have lacked being on the ground a lot,” he said. 

Next year Dorian plans to get the SU more involved with students to get their support for strikes and general events. 

Dorian’s manifesto also states his plans to put more emphasis on sustainability, by reducing the prices of vegan food on campus and making eco-friendly products more available. 

“I want to take the prices down because it is extortionate, and I feel at the moment companies will put the price up because they know it’s a niche product.

“As well as promoting eco-friendly products, I’ll also be working with our campus stores and food vendors like Nubar to broaden the range of vegan products at a lower cost.” 

Speaking about DCU’s decision to increase campus rent prices, Dorian stated that he would support the SU in lobbying against it.  

“We are paying colossal money and I think its something that the government definitely have to work on.

“The USI [Union of Students in Ireland] especially are lobbying the government to work on it. Even though this isn’t something in the engagement and development remit, I will be working as hard as I can with other sabbaticals,” he said. 

Shauna Burdis

Image credit: Thomas Dorian