SU Elections 2020 – VP for President: Fearghal Lynch

Tadgh McNally

Fearghal Lynch in a blue shirt.

Fearghal Lynch is a final year Enterprise Computing student running for the DCU students’ union [SU] presidency. Facility improvements, college wide events and a return of the DCU-St Pat’s House Cup are just some of his proposals if he is elected as DCUSU President.

Speaking to The College View, Lynch wants to carry on the work that DCUSU has done this year. “I can’t fault them, and that is my main goal is to push forward and continue on the good work they’re doing,” said Lynch. 

Surrounding the four per cent rent increase for campus accommodation, Lynch has seen the effects that rising rents are having on students. “I’ve lived on campus for the last four years so I’m aware of the prices and the steady increase from when I was in Larkfield in first year, to College Park this year and it is ridiculous,” said Lynch.

Lynch sees working with the USI for the rent strikes as a good thing, saying that “there’s strength in numbers”, and that current protests are just the start of action against rent increases. 

Surrounding direct provision, Lynch hopes that situations like Save Our Shepherd and We Wish for Mehwish don’t occur again next year, but does say that he would work to fix the problems if they do arrive. Improving facilities across all DCU campuses are a key aim in Lynch’s campaign, with a particular focus on the libraries in Glasnevin and St. Pat’s. 

The toilets in the O’Reilly library in Glasnevin are on Lynch’s agenda, with a focus on implementing new hand dryers. “If you got Dyson Airblade hand dryers, the toilet paper wouldn’t clog up the toilets,” said Lynch, saying it would be easily implemented.

In Cregan library on St Pats, Lynch wants to look at fixing the broken plugs. “They’re not the things you really see, but they’re of huge concern to people,” said Lynch. 

Another facility improvement proposal from Lynch is establishing commuter hubs in both Glasnevin and St Pat’s, with kitchen facilities made available in both. According to Lynch, it wouldn’t happen overnight but due to the work of previous SUs, it would be easier to implement.

A mindfulness hub is also on Lynch’s list of ideas, with this being available online as part of Loop. He wants it to contain both physical wellbeing and mindfulness tips

He wants it to be supplementary to the counselling services available in DCU, due to the delays that can be experienced by students who want to access counselling. 

“If there is something that is in the middle that can help people in that lull period, that’s kind of what I’m doing it for,” said Lynch. 

Implementing more college wide events is also important to Lynch, with him wanting to hold both a Halloween Ball on All Hallows, as well as a three stage festival on Albert College Park. 

With this, Lynch wants to see a return of the DCU-St Pat’s House Cup to encourage friendly competition between the two campuses. While this won’t be exclusively sport, it’ll be used to bring together the two communities according to Lynch.

“They’re two separate campuses, and I want to bring them together,” said Lynch.

Tadgh McNally

Image credit: Fearghal Lynch