SU Elections 2020 – VP for Welfare & Equality: Cian McBride

Sonja Tutty

Cian McBride in a half-zip.

[This candidate did not accept an in-person or phone interview with The College View]

Cian McBride promised condoms, tampons and pregnancy test kits free of charge and available 24 hours a day in bathrooms across DCU campuses, if elected as Vice President for Welfare and Equality.

22 year-old Athletic Therapy and Training student, McBride’s manifesto originally promised vending machines to provide these products. But, due to costs, will have them in baskets in bathrooms and will have them filled weekly.

Alongside sexual well-being, he also hopes to run weekly mental health well-being workshops which will focus on stress management, identifying mental illness, and assisting peers with mental health problems. Additionally, he wants to support and develop mental health week.

The final year student has been chairperson of DCU Athletics club for the past two years and wants to improve physical health on campus. If elected, he aims to organise weekly runs in Albert College Park and reintroduce “Give-A-Go” week which focused on events organised by active clubs and societies.

Regarding diversity, he said in his manifesto he would work closely with existing cultural clubs and societies to organise new events. “I plan on working hard to encourage students in DCU to embrace the diverse culture we are fortunate to have in our university,” his manifesto said.

He added that he would improve accessibility for students with disabilities on all campus, but did not expand on what actions would be taken to meet this goal.

With DCU raising the cost of student accommodation by four per cent, it is no surprise that accommodation was mentioned in his manifesto. He said he would work with Campus Residence to address fines given to students, but did not go into detail as to how these fines would be addressed.

Additionally, he said he would implement a second security entrance to Glasnevin campus and introduce a review section on DCU accommodation’s online page.

As past Welfare and Equality officers have also done, he will have an open door policy. He said in his manifesto, “I would like for all students to know my office is a place where they can come to me with any issues or experiences, which will be dealt with in confidence and utmost respect.”

Lastly, he wrote in his manifesto that his promises and goals may change over time as he communicates more with students.

Sonja Tutty

Image credit: Cian McBride