Two DCUSU election candidates received external endorsements

Vishwajeet Gain

Image Credit: DCU Students' Union

Two candidates running for positions in the DCU students’ union (SU) elections have received endorsements from non-DCU students, which is in opposition to the SU’s constitution.

Fearghal Lynch and Cian McBride, standing for President and Vice President for Welfare & Equality respectively, were endorsed by non-DCU parties on Instagram on Wednesday.

According to the “campaigns” section of schedule E of the DCU students’ union constitution, a candidate cannot “be endorsed, receive public support from, or have someone campaign on your behalf from anyone who is not a DCU student.”

Lynch was endorsed by “Dicey’s Choose Days” with the message: “Our good friend [Fearghal] is running for DCUSU President, make sure all DCU students cast your votes in the election… closes today at 9 pm!”

McBride was endorsed by “McGowan’s Thursdays” with the message: “Don’t forget our friend Cian McBride is up for election in DCU for welfare and equality… Cast your vote on loop if you haven’t already!”

When asked if they knew about the rule before said endorsements were made, Lynch said he wasn’t aware, while McBride said he was. Both candidates did not make any further comments.

Podge Sheehan, a DCU staff member and Democracy & Development Officer responsible for overseeing the elections, did not make any comment on the breach.

Candidates standing against Lynch and McBride were asked for comment by The College View but declined.

Vishwajeet Gain

Image credit: DCUSU