Vice president of campaigns of the USI resigns

Tadgh McNally

Image Credit: USI

The vice president of campaigns for the Union of Students Ireland (USI) has resigned this evening, following revelations that she was willing to provide names of right wing activists to what appeared to be an anti-fascist group.

In a statement released this evening, Michelle Byrne wrote: “With deepest regrets that I tender my resignation as Deputy President and Vice President of Campaigns in the Union of Students in Ireland.”

This followed revelations made by The Burkean, who posed as an anti-fascist group on Twitter, which showed that Byrne had been willing to hand over names of right wing activists to the page. 

The Burkean, a publication which has received criticism in the past for publishing articles promoting eugenics and racism, released audio of their conversation on March 7.

“My actions were driven by a deep concern and anxiety around the direction of society in modern Ireland. It will always be my desire for Ireland to move in a more progressive direction”, said Byrne.

The USI, who confirmed Byrne’s resignation in a statement, said “The former Vice President for Campaigns recognises that she showed a willingness to engage in activities which fell far short of the standards of probity and transparency members expect from USI officers

“USI is a politically active organisation which includes working against racism, discrimination and inequality. The Executive Team would like to thank former Vice President for Campaigns for her work achieving this mission.”

Tadgh McNally

Image credit: USI