The 1975 keep the crowds on edge at latest Dublin concert

Rachel Power

After previously selling out concerts in Malahide Castle and the 3Arena, The 1975 returned once more to conquer Dublin city in the 3Arena on Tuesday, March 3.

The four-piece band consisting of lead singer Matty Healy, drummer George Daniel, guitarist Adam Hann and bass player Ross MacDonald took to the stage to the crowd-filled arena to perform their classic hits from three previous albums and new releases from their upcoming record.

Support act Beabadoobee, who shares the same record label with The 1975, warmed up the crowd before the act that had everyone on edge opened up the show.

The long-drawn silence and holding of breaths were at long last exhaled as flashing lights lit up the room to the matching boom of their opening, rocky song “People”.

From the onset the band made it clear that the night would be hard to forget, and rightly so. After finishing up the opening performances, Healy, with an excited but breathless voice asked the crowd how they were doing. The response was deafening cheers from the thousands of people who were elated to be there.

As the hard-rock anthems came to a finish, funky dance beats filled the room as the evening took a festival style atmosphere. The crowd knew the lyrics off by heart to “TooTimeTooTimeTooTime” and continued to keep the band aware of their knowledge of the hits throughout the night.

After another round of dance-infused songs, instrumentals by the band turned the atmosphere in a completely opposite direction as the songs became softer and the room took hold of a vulnerable feeling.

“Robbers”, “Fallingforyou” and “Somebody Else” are just a few of the finely refined romantic but heartache filled ballads that The 1975 have managed to change the music industry with.

Unsurprisingly, the live versions of these hits had the room overwhelmed with emotion, with many die-hard fans singing along with Healy and the band with tear-filled eyes. Similar to a tidal wave, the band easily turned the crowd to an adoring, weeping, and entranced stature.

Accurately, one of the songs performed in the midst of this ripple of emotion was their newly released “Frail State of Mind”, which is the only way to describe how everyone felt during this set list.

Within minutes though, tears were dried and spirits were on cloud nine as the band sang out their most famous songs such as “Chocolate” and wrapped up the night with a true dance hit, “The Sound”.

After the last strum of guitar and bass, it was over and lights lit up the room, signalling the end of the night. This didn’t stop fans repeatedly asking security if it was really over, only to have their thoughts confirmed and found wandering outside with sullen faces.

The 1975 have easily refined their ability to control a huge crowd with their music, switching atmospheres with the click of a finger, and as festival season approaches, it will be interesting to see where we might catch another moment in time with them.

Rachel Power

Image Credit: WikiMedia