Trinity students asked to leave accommodation due to coronavirus cases

Daniel Phelan

Image Credit: Aoife O'Brien

Trinity College Dublin has asked their students on campus accommodation to vacate their residences with just 24 hours’ notice.

This comes in the wake of yet another case of Covid-19 being linked to the university, believed to be the 8th case to date.

In an email sent to students on Monday March 16th, the university said, “We are writing to you now with one of the most difficult decisions to date”.

Trinity have asked their students on campus, in Trinity Hall, the Binary Hub and Kavanagh Court to make arrangements to vacate the premises and those that had temporarily vacated but left some of their belongings have been asked to collect them.

International students have been given until Wednesday 18th of March to find other arrangements.

Drastic measures and minimal notice were certain to affect students. Trinity are therefore permitting some students to stay put if they meet certain criteria.

If students face homelessness, visa restrictions, are self-isolating or currently have the virus, they are permitted to stay on campus until the semesters end.

Final year law student and Trinity campus resident, Blanáid Kearney spoke to The College View and said, “It lacked a lot of empathy because they did a complete U-turn on their previous statement that they had initially sent out to say, ‘Trinity will always be a home’ and yet, a lot of people aren’t able to get immediate tests, especially if you don’t show any symptoms”.

“So you could be very much unaware that you’re a carrier and then returning back home to your family who could be susceptible to catching it, you just don’t know if you’re spreading it”, she said.

All of those that cannot meet the criteria are being refunded on a pro-rata basis, Trinity has also pledged their full support to help those in accommodation independent of the university to seek refunds and pursue any financial losses they may incur.

Daniel Phelan

Image Credit: Aoife O’Brien