Andrew Coscoran breaks 1500m record at the National Indoor Championships

Aoife Breslin

Andrew Coscoran struck gold as he broke the 1500m record in three minutes 41.76 seconds at the National Indoor Championships on March 1st.

 The Balbriggan native went into the race with a four second lead on his competitors’ times, including Eoin Pearse who won the race last year. With his current time on his side, Andrew was confident that he was going to win.

 The race also included Brian Fay, Andrew’s training partner and Cian Philips who achieved his personal best on the day. 

 “If it was a more tactical race Pearse and Cian would have done well but it was a lot faster, so with Brian and I having faster personal bests, we were in a much better position,” Andrew told The College View.

 Although Andrew was “delighted” to break the 1500m record, he was “expecting to break it, it wasn’t a big shock when we turned around and seen the clock.”

 Originally Andrew’s plan for the season was to take part in the World Championships in China. He spent three weeks in America training his speed to try to get the qualifications to go to the World Championships.

 Unfortunately, it was cancelled because of the Coronavirus, so Andrew decided to treat Nationals like his World Championships.

 “We knew the course record and the championship record wasn’t too fast, so we said, “If we are not going to the World Championships, why not give the track and championship record a go,’” Coscoran said.

 Andrew has his sights set on the Olympics in Tokyo this summer; he is currently ranking on the leaderboard as number fifty-three but must be inside the top forty-five to qualify for Tokyo 2020.

 To qualify for the Olympics, Andrew’s top five races will be calculated, giving him an even score and that will result in his ranking place. Andrew’s victory at Nationals gained him ranking points for the Olympic qualifiers.

 Coscoran is confident that he will qualify for the Olympics saying, “If I keep running the way I’m going I will be going to Tokyo this summer.”

 As well as the Olympics 2020, Andrew plans to compete in the European Outdoor Championships this summer also. The European Outdoor Championships are only two weeks after the Olympics and will be held in France. However, he is not focused on the European championships as he is prioritising the Olympics for the foreseeable future.

 “The Olympics is the biggest competition you can go to, it’s the gold medal event so I’ll look to qualify for this Olympics and then in the next Olympics I’ll look to come back minimum qualify and hopefully go for a final or a medal,” Andrew said.

 Coscoran began athletics at the late age of 14, his PE teachers pushed him into joining the athletics club after he competed exquisitely in the bleep test. Shortly after he joined, he fell in love with the sport and now nine years later hopes to be representing Ireland in the Olympics.

 Andrew believes that DCU has a strong standard of athletes competing each year and has full faith in the new management under Paul Byrne.

 “Paul has reached out to me and he has reached out to a few people, he seems to be going the extra mile anyway. He is putting in loads of work and trying to keep everyone happy,” Andrew told The College View.

Aoife Breslin

Image credit Sportsfile