Homeless charity DePaul helps more than 300 people exit direct provision

Depaul, a charity who helps people who are homeless or at risk of homelessness have said they assisted over 300 people exit direct provision.  

The charity has been able to provide in-reach support to accommodation centres all over Ireland due to the establishment of a new initiative by the Department of Justice at the beginning of the year.

Depaul’s Cosán Nua or ‘New Path’ service works exclusively with those who have been granted permission to remain in Ireland.

The CEO of Depaul, David Carroll said “this initiative is so important as it mitigates the risk of people ending up in homeless services once they have been granted the legal right to stay in Ireland.”

The Charity exclusively works with families and individuals in Direct Provision who have been granted legal status to remain.

A spokesperson for Depaul said “The main issues we are seeing, and this affects Ireland as a whole, is the clear lack of housing options and an overheated rental market.”

The charity announced 328 people have exited direct provision centres, 168 of whom were adults and 160 children.

5,645 people are currently living in 36 centres across Ireland, whilst 1633 people are staying in emergency accommodation.

The seven counties the charity works in are Dublin, Meath, Monaghan, Galway, Sligo, Mayo and Louth. The National Reception Centre is in Balsekin.

Secretary of the Department of Justice and Equality Aidan O’Driscoll welcomes the valuable work done by Depaul. He said“this initiative is one that my Department is proud to support, as it assists people with permission to remain in Ireland to move out of accommodation centres and into mainstream housing in our communities.”

This initiative ensures people do not end up homeless once they have been granted legal status. It also frees up space in a system that is operating at full capacity. Finally, it negates the use of emergency accommodations such as hotels and B&B’s for those seeking asylum.

Depaul are extremely happy with the results from the new initiative.

A spokesperson for Depaul said “we believe this service helps in preventing homelessness and ultimately gives people an opportunity to become part of communities across Ireland. At Depaul we aim to take a wider role in civil society and that is what we feel we are doing with our Cosán Nua service.”

Katie Lowry

Image Credit: Brian Farrell