New sabbatical officers condemn DCU’s rent increases

Conor Breslin

The DCUSU elect have strongly criticised the recent decision taken by the DCU management to increase the cost of on-campus accommodation calling the decision disgraceful and unfair for the students they will represent. 

DCU aim to increase rents for its on-campus student accommodation by 4 per cent next year, the maximum increase permitted under rent cap laws.

Fearghal Lynch, DCUSU’s President elect told The College View: “this is unbelievable because everyone knows the issue surrounding accommodation in Ireland and this simply does not make it easier for students. All we can do is really object and protest against it at the moment and I think that’s what the current SU have been doing and have done a great job in that.”

So far, the newly elected SU haven’t yet met up to discuss this issue so therefore don’t have any current plans in place. However, both Lynch and Vice President elect for Welfare and Equality Dean O’Reilly have spoken of working out a way to fix this issue and putting the needs of the DCU students first.

“This is inexcusable to shift this burden onto struggling students as they already struggle at current rents. Right now, the current SU is throwing everything they can at the wall and hoping to see what sticks. Christine has worked very hard in her role to support students but if we’re going to see change, its going to take the entire student body, not just the sabbatical officers,” said O’Reilly.

Vice President elect for Academic Affairs, Lucien Waugh-Daly hopes to see more of an effort from everyone at DCU to combat this crisis.

“The SU put in a lot of hard work this year through protests to highlight this issue. However, the attendance has been rather poor. A protest two weeks ago was badly attended due to rain. We have to get everyone on board at these events if we’re going to make a difference,” said Waugh-Daly.

In March of 2018, the DCU students and Student Union protested the price increase of three privately owned student accommodation providers in a protest near two of the complexes.

Students condemned the three privately owned student accommodation providers near DCU that increased their prices by over €1,000 for the 2018/19 academic year. All three complexes had no ties directly with DCU, however, DCU advertises these accommodation units to students.

Gateway Student Village, Shanowen Hall and Shanowen Square were condemned in an open letter from the five sabbatical officers of DCUSU on Twitter at the time.

Conor Breslin

Image Credit: Shauna Burdis