Students allowed to remain in campus accommodation during coronavirus crisis

Tadgh McNally

DCU Rooms have confirmed that no student will be asked to leave on campus accommodation due to the coronavirus pandemic.

In a statement issued this afternoon, DCU Rooms acknowledged that some students may be unable to leave accommodation due to current travel restrictions.

“We want to reassure students that DCU will look after any students living on campus for the duration of this crisis”, said the statement.

“DCU is well aware that for some campus residents it is their home and that they may not be able to return home for a variety of reasons, whether due to travel restrictions, flight cancellations or having an immuno-compromised or elderly relative at home.”

The statement also confirmed that DCU would provide standalone campus residences for use if required by the Department of Health. However, they would not use parts of buildings or apartments that are currently occupied.

DCU Rooms are currently looking to determine how many rooms are still occupied by students, and a questionnaire is being circulated to students who live in DCU campus accommodation.

A spokesperson for DCU, said that students who have left belongings behind and don’t intend on returning should say they have gone home.

“We are in the process of working out what arrangements need to be made for getting people’s stuff back to them,” said the spokesperson.

Students are being advised to follow up with DCU Rooms to ensure their belongings are returned to them.

Additional reporting by Brendan Fernando Kelly Palenque

Tadgh McNally

Image Credit: Sonja Tutty