Residents in DCU on-campus accommodation will not be asked to vacate their apartments

Aoife O'Brien

Residents in accommodation across DCU’s three campuses will not be asked to vacate their apartments.

Student’s living on campus were contacted by the campus residences team on Tuesday, March 17 and told that some DCU accommodation may need to be made available to the HSE at short notice in order to help tackle the COVID-19 crisis.

Residents were asked to complete a survey informing the residency team if they were still living on campus and were told, “failure to do so puts everyone at risk and may lead to access to your room being blocked if it is allocated for emergency use.”

While many students have returned home during this pandemic some students have left their belongings in their on-campus apartments.

DCU have confirmed that campus residences remain open and any students who have left belongings in their rooms and who wish to collect them can do so at any time.

However, a DCU spokesperson has said that students will continue to have access to their rooms and their belongings will be left untouched until the end of their accommodation lease.

If students have deemed it unsafe or have been unable to return to their on-campus apartments by the end of their lease, the campus residence team will box up their belongings and keep them until students are able to collect them.

DCU issued a statement on Wednesday, March 18, to staff and students that “on-campus” academic activities will not be resumed this semester and all teaching and examinations will be delivered online.

The HSE, through the Department of Education & Skills, has been in contact with all the universities seeking information on on-campus accommodation that could be made available to the HSE if hospitals reach full capacity.

A DCU spokesperson said that “at this time of national crisis, the university wishes to provide whatever support it can to our healthcare system and all options are being explored.”

However, they said only accommodation blocks that have been entirely vacated will be made available to the HSE.

At this time the university is not aware of any HSE specific plan to seek access to elements of the on-campus accommodation that may be made available.

For students who are still living on or accessing on-campus accommodation the campus residences team has said that it is vital that they use the SafeZone app.

Access to the Glasnevin campus accommodation will be through the Sports Complex entrance only in order to secure access and safeguard residents.

The campus residences team said they will keep students informed of any developments.

Aoife O’Brien

Image Credit: Alison Claire