DCU to offer rent refunds to students leaving campus accommodation

Tadgh McNally

Rent refunds will be made available to DCU students who leave their on campus accommodation due to the university’s closure.

These refunds are scheduled to come into effect on Monday, March 30th, with students asked to contact Campus Residences to confirm they have left their rooms. All students will have until April 3rd to confirm the end of their tenancy.

Students are also being asked to remove all their belongings from their rooms before they leave. For anyone unable to do so, they should contact Campus Residences and their belongings will be stored. These belongings will remain in DCU’s possession until after the Covid-19 crisis.

In a statement, DCU confirmed that students will be able to remain in their accommodation.

“Students who wish to continue staying on campus or extend their stay have been reassured that DCU will continue to provide the best possible support possible to the end of tenancy agreements”

However, the college has said that students may be moved around to facilitate management of the accommodation but will receive advanced warning.

The HSE has also been in contact with DCU about utilizing campus accommodation to treat Covid-19 patients if hospitals become full.

“At this time of national crisis, the University wishes to provide whatever support it can to our healthcare system and all options are being explored”, said the college in a statement.

According to DCU however, they are unaware of any plans by the HSE to use DCU accommodation to house Covid-19 patients now.

Other colleges across Ireland are also offering refunds for on campus accommodation. Maynooth University, who originally refused to offer refunds to students, will now be refunding rent from March 21st onwards if students apply before March 27th.

Tadgh McNally

Image Credit: Sonja Tutty