Must have gadgets for tech lovers

Cian Dunne

For tech lovers, the search for the next great gadget can be a difficult task. With so many variations of similar products, and an almost never ending stream of gadgets constantly flooding the market, it’s hard to pinpoint that perfect piece of tech you’re after. 

With tech changing so many aspects of our lives, including transport, photos, gaming and exercise, finding gadgets with practicality, function and entertainment is the key. 

Narrative Clip 2

This small little box has quickly become one of the most sought after gadgets for lifelogging. The Narrative Clip 2 has an eight megapixel camera on the front, while also having a clip on the back which attaches to an item of clothing, allowing its user to capture images hands free.

The gadget takes a photo automatically every 30 seconds, so that the user doesn’t even need to worry about clicking a button. It is also able to take 10 second video clips, and stores all images and videos taken in its internal 8GB memory. Prices start at €185.

Ninebot One E+

The newest high tech form of transportation comes in the form of one electronic wheel. The Ninebot has the same familiar characteristics of the Segway hoverboards, just with half the wheels. The user steps onto the two wing-like platforms either side of the 16 inch wheel, and leans their body weight in the direction they wish to travel.

The Ninebot weighs 25lbs and can reach a maximum speed of 12.5mph. The wheel can travel on average 15 miles on a full battery, with the gadget requiring a 4 hour charge time. Due to the size of the wheel, the Ninebot can pass over obstacles and uneven pavements that the hoverboards struggled with. Prices start at €370.

Oculus Quest

The perfect gadget for those first experiencing the new age of  VR. Unlike many other headsets, the Oculus does not need to be connected to any phone or computer in order to operate. Sensors, built into the headset, track the users movements, giving the complete VR experience. .

There is also a built in audio system delivering 3D sound, while two accompanying touch controllers allow the users to play a variety of VR games. There is no extra hardware needed, as all the battery, storage and software is inside the headset itself. Prices start at €430.

Mirror Interactive Home Gym

Why go to a gym or workout classes when you have this smart piece of tech? This gadget allows users to stream live or on demand videos of workouts onto an LCD mirror from the comfort of their own home. The item itself appears as an ordinary mirror when not being used, giving the gadget a home purpose while awaiting the next workout. 

There are over 70 live classes added each week, with workouts varying from yoga and pilates, to boxing and strength training, with difficulties ranging from beginner to expert. The gadget is controlled fully through an app, with a 12 month subscription costing $39 per month.  Each personal training class costs $40 each. 

Cian Dunne

Image Credit: PxHere