What you can do to support Irish businesses

Anja Zauers

Supporting Irish business has and should always be an important aspect of our daily lives,  now even now so more than ever. 

Showing this support is something that can be done in many ways and it cannot be over-stressed that in this circumstance, even the smallest act of kindness and buying from the local shop, can hugely help all involved.

When normality finally begins to return, it’s important to remember our local businesses and give back as much as we can. Here are just a few ways on how you can go about doing so.

Take a trip out to your weekly local market. Here you can pick up all kinds of Irish produce, ranging from fresh fruit and vegetables, baked goods, homemade jams and chutneys, and a smattering of stands selling art, crockery and other items. These markets provide amazing opportunities for start-up businesses. So get out and explore all your local town has to offer.

Swap your daily Starbucks for your local speciality coffee shop. Guaranteed, the quality, service and overall experience will be far more enjoyable and worthwhile Whether you’re starting the day with a croissant or need an afternoon pick-me-up while out and about, visiting an independent Irish run cafe is the way to do it.

Irish arts and craftwork are a necessity in the Irish household. From pottery and fine art prints to textiles and handmade jewellery. Supporting Irish craftsmanship is so important and vital for them to continue what they are doing. If you’re unsure where to start and how to support local designers, ‘DesignIreland.ie’ breaks down each county in Ireland followed by artists and their work to support. Along with that, they also list a number of events and workshops that are going on across the country for you to participate in.

Dreaming of a holiday? What better holiday to go on than one in our very own country.

While we wait in this period of uncertainty and isolation, why not use the time to plan on how exactly you’re going to see our beautiful country when this all blows over. Whether you plan on climbing to the top of Croagh Patrick, round the ring of Kerry, taste a pint of porter at the Guinness factory or discover our beautiful beaches. Ireland has so much to offer and there really is no better way of supporting our little country then getting out and exploring it.

Ultimately, it is so important to buy local and buy Irish as we are doing a service to ourselves, our people and our country. If we take the time to invest in our local businesses, then they can take the time to invest in us and our community. With everything that’s going on in the world, it’s vital to stick by and support those in need whatever way we can.

Anja Zauers

Image Credit: Pxhere