Break up the day with Daybreak

Isabella Finn


Daybreak is the teen drama comedy satire that we all need to watch, just in case the world ends. This post-apocalyptic series explores many cinematic genres of storytelling in its 10 episode spectacular, keeping audiences on their toes and keeping the presentation of the show fresh. So why has Netflix cancelled it already?

“Daybreak” follows an eclectic group of teens as they navigate their now “ghoulie” ridden hometown of Glendale, California. After a nuclear bomb attack has seemingly destroyed all adults, these teenagers play up to American high school clichés and build tribes determined by their social rankings and interests.

The tribes operate to save themselves and even the “Disciples of Kardashia” tribe understand that violence is how this new world achieves conflict resolution. However, the use of guns is not permitted, doing so hilariously breaks the “Emma Gonzales Accords”. This show is stacked with cultural references and its quirky nature pokes fun at almost everything, sparing itself from the PC patrol.

While we can see obvious “Mad Max: Fury Road” vision in the costuming, “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off” is a massive inspiration seen in Daybreak. Never mind the fact that Matthew Broderick actually stars as Principal Burr, our protagonist Josh Wheeler is a serial slacker, repeatedly breaks the fourth wall and drives a (stolen) red Ferrari like the Ferris we know. The iconic roll call scene was even replicated, but of course this time “Wheeler” is repeated instead of “Bueller”.

This Daybreak adaption was accepted by its original comic book fans, who are a notoriously hard crowd to please when it comes down to moving a story from page to screen. Despite earning a healthy 70 per cent score on Rotten Tomatoes, Netflix axed the show midway through December, less than two months after it had been released on the streaming service.

Netflix has developed somewhat of a reputation for prematurely cancelling shows after a single season or two. Examples of this are “Everything Sucks”, “Luke Cage”, “Gypsy” and “American Vandal”. In order for Netflix to see value in renewing a show for more seasons, it needs to generate a certain number of audience traffic on release, like a cinema box office. If it doesn’t reach its target it is sent to the chopping block, or in this case, locked out for the “ghoulies” to find.

Another theory as to why this clever show was cancelled could be because of its genre competitor. “The Society” on Netflix follows teens in a post-apocalyptic world where adults have disappeared, sound familiar? However this show takes more of a serious “Lord of the Flies” approach than a quirky “Mad Max”/ “Ferris Bueller” mashup.

With the state of the world at the minute, many of us are plugging ourselves into Netflix and binging series after series. We are eerily turning into couch zombies searching to escape the never ending developing news outside our windows.

Although the story ends after its 10th episode, treat it like a 10 hour movie and break up the day with Daybreak.

Isabella Finn

Image Credit: Netflix