THREE keep customers connected during Covid-19 pandemic with unlimited data and free HSE calls

Jonathon Lynam

Phone network Three have removed the data limit on their “unlimited data plans” and are also allowing customers to call the HSE for free.


Previously the network reserved the right to limit a users service if their data usage exceeded 60GB however in order to allow people to stay connected during the Covid 19 outbreak they have removed this.


The network is also allowing those not on a price plan to also access and for free. Customers will also not be charged for calls to the Covid-19 helpline according to a statement issued by Three Ireland CEO, Robert Finnegan.


“We know how important it is for our customers to have easy access to reliable sources of information regarding Covid-19 so again from today (Thursday 19th March), customers that are not on a price plan with All You Can Eat data will not use any of their data allowance when visiting or” said Finnegan


Vodafone are also allowing users to visit and for free and have added extra capacity to both their fixed broadband and mobile networks to deal with the increased usage according to Vodafone Ireland CEO Anne O’Leary.


“For vulnerable groups such as the elderly, those living alone or in isolation, we will work hard to ensure you are always connected to your friends, family, care-workers and community,” she added


DCU student, Trudy Feenane who is a Vodafone customer hopes that all network providers in Ireland will do the same.


“In times like this, it is important that everyone is able to get up to date information about the current situation no matter where you are or what plan you’re on,” she said.


But also added that she’d hope networks would follow Three’s footsteps and offer unlimited data to help people stay connected.


Three’s decision to remove the data limit comes after the network went down earlier this month after experiencing a “power issue” at one of their data centres which meant voice, SMS and data services were unavailable for customers.


Eir have yet to announce any changes for their customers at the time of writing.


Jonathon Lynam

Image Credit: WikiMedia