Disney+ has arrived in Ireland

Emma Costigan

Disney+ launched in November 2019, in the United States, Canada, and The Netherlands. Four months later, its long-awaited arrival was welcomed in the United Kingdom and Ireland.

Amid COVID-19 concerns, Disney has delayed the launch of upcoming films such as “Black Widow”, and the live-action remake of “Mulan”. However, the launch of their new streaming service is a huge success, housing an abundance of Walt Disney Production television series, and movies that you can enjoy within your own home.

Providing a similar layout to Netflix, the streaming service allows families to create individual profiles, and make a “watchlist” of everything they plan to watch. A subscription to the service is €6.99 a month for four screens, which in comparison to Netflix at €11.99 a month for two screens, is a complete bargain if you’re a Disney lover.

For many people, there is a strong sense of nostalgia associated with Disney. Scores of forgotten gems reappear whilst scrolling aimlessly, Disney Classic films from when people, now in their twenties, were children, and more recently Disney Channel series, and films all compiled neatly into one place. Bliss.

The content is split into five main branches of Walt Disney Production; Disney, Pixar, Marvel, Star Wars, and National Geographic. This a clever marketing strategy on behalf of the brand, most people don’t automatically think of Marvel and Star Wars being under the Walt Disney umbrella. However, now that it’s advertised this way, more people are inclined to subscribe to satisfy their fanatic minds.

Unfortunately for the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) fans, “Spider-man: Homecoming”, and “Spider-man: Far From Home” do not feature on Disney+. This is more than likely due to the fact that the rights to the Spider-man franchise rest with Sony Pictures – majorly unfortunate for those who wanted to allocate their days to binge-watching the MCU in sequence. Fortunately, however, Marvel films which centralise on other characters, but feature Spider-man such as “Captain America: Civil War” are available to stream.

The Disney+ app is extremely well-organised. From collections such as “Princesses”, “Disney Channel”, and “Disney Junior”, the process of finding something to watch is completely simplified. The layout of one collection in particular; “Disney Through The Decades” is strategically constructed. It sorts each movie, or series into the decade it aired, thus making it easy to navigate through.

It is notable, however, that throughout Disney+, there are gaps within film series, such as “Night at the Museum”, “The Chronicles of Narnia”, “Descendants”, and “Ice Age” to name a few. This is an obvious inconvenience if you want to watch the entire series because you’ll have to source the missing films from elsewhere.

With self-isolation at its peak, Disney+ couldn’t have come to the UK and Ireland at a more convenient time. What else do we have to do, other than sit down, reminisce, and sing-along to our favourite classics?

While Disney+ doesn’t offer the intellectual, action-packed, and chilling content that Netflix does, it definitely offers the perfect escape to the tear-jerking, laughter-inducing magic that is Disney.

Emma Costigan

Image Credit: Disney +