Why our eating habits are changing during quarantine

The parameters of social distancing and self-isolation have confined us to our homes for the inevitable future and we are all trying our best to get comfortable with that reality. In these circumstances we either find ourselves thriving in the divine intervention of everyday life or we can find ourselves finally confronting our daily demons.

Now these “demons” per say aren’t as life threatening or altering as they sound, but finally sorting out your wardrobe after 6 months is not an easy task. Other tasks include resisting the urge to bite your nails, finally throwing old schoolbooks away and not posting on social media every 0.2 seconds. However the biggest task of all is choosing not to live out of your fridge.

Overeating is a pretty common situation that spawns from boredom. Despite living within social distancing measures for nearly four weeks, boredom is not yet something we have become accustomed to. On a normal timetable we would schedule meals around work, school and activities but during isolation we have lost the luxury of knowing what time or day it is.

In an effort to maintain some grasp on reality we have now “flipped the switch” and have experimented with mealtimes as another example of horology. To put it bluntly, food can now tell the time.

However if this particular “experiment” is applicable to you just know that you are not alone. Dublin student Rachel Cassin has also expressed how isolation has ruined her eating habits. “I’m overeating so badly,” Rachel said “I’ve no routine for my meals, it’s just snacking all the time.” While Rachel has slipped into the timeless food paradox, some of us have forgotten the one ingredient humans actually need to survive; water.

“I definitely have been overeating and not drinking enough water. (I have been) drinking too much tea,” said active performer Leah Morrisey. Tea has become a common substitute for our daily recommended water intake.

Although tea is made with water it is not the same and it is probably the reason why you have had a headache for three days. Veterinarian student Hannah Sexton summed up our isolation experience in one sentence “I don’t remember the last time I drank water”.

On the other hand, isolation has inspired the best of us to re-evaluate our eating habits and take control. While it has become clear that households across Ireland are baking up a storm when it comes to banana bread, the discovery of home cooking has changed some us for the better.

“I’ve been cooking and baking more, (I’ve) been drinking green juice every day and honestly just been a lot healthier overall” said Dublin student Eilise Lynch. Having more time to plan our meals has its perks but snacking during isolation isn’t something you should punish yourself for.

Eating habits in isolation are completely subjective to each person so give yourself a break if you’ve been treating the kitchen like a revolving door. You should seriously drink some water though.

Isabella Finn 

Image Credit: Wallpaperflare