The best books to read while you self-isolate

Shauna Ledwidge

With our lives at a sudden standstill thanks to the outbreak of coronavirus, we are looking for ways to combat the never-ending days.

As the government is requiring, we all stay at home for the foreseeable, now would be as good a time as any to immerse ourselves into something that isn’t corona related.

If listening to the news is leaving you in a state of fear, perhaps you should delve back into an old hobby that you may not have made time for before the outbreak.

Books are a form of escapism. They help us relax, boost our mood, minimise anxiety and are comforting to many people. In these strange times, we need as much comfort as we can get and there is nothing like a good book that can transport you to a fictional world and allow you to forget about the realities of life for a little while.

If you are looking for a gripping, psychological thriller with a twisted romance to fill your days with, then “Truth Hurts” by Rebecca Reid is the book is for you.

Truth Hurts tells the story of Poppy and Drews, whirlwind romance. When they meet, she is at rock bottom. Jobless and completely broke she does not want to reveal her past to Drew. Luckily for her neither does he.

However, it doesn’t take Poppy long to realise that Drew has secrets of his own and is hiding something from her. She has no idea who the man she married really is, what he is hiding and what he is capable of.

This empowering coming of age story of The Falconer by Dana Czapnik follows insecure, seventeen-year-old basketball player Lucy from New York who is in unrequited love with her teammate Percy.

A real page-turner it tells of the trials and tribulations of growing up: finding confidence in who you are, looking for constant approval from friends while trying to remain true to yourself, crushes on boys who don’t notice you, all of the struggles we have faced at one time or another in our teenage years.  In these scary and uncertain times, this feel-good book is sure to liven your spirits.

Finally, the first book in the Harry Potter series may have been realised 23 years ago, however, the books remain a firm favourite in the literary world.

Revisiting Hogwarts is sure to transport you to a world of wizardry and leave you feeling nostalgic.
With seven books in the series you are almost guaranteed to be busy for quite some time and once you have finished the books, you can delve deeper into the world of Harry Potter with podcasts, and films.

Shauna Ledwidge

Image Credit: DCU