Joe Biden is in a better position than Hillary was four years ago

Joe Biden has been a “fan favourite” to run for the American presidency since his days of being Vice President to Barack Obama ended – but what makes him a strong candidate?

Who is Joe Biden? Biden is a 77 year old Democratic party politician from Delaware. At 29 years old he became one of the youngest people to be elected to the US Senate and served as a senator from 1973 to 2009. Biden then went on to act as Barack Obama’s vice president from 2009 to 2017. The most poignant memory of his time in the White House is how the public gushed at his and Obama’s “bromance”. 

Memes were generated from images of Biden and Obama running through the White House in between meetings and let’s not forget the beaded friendship bracelets the two were photographed wearing. The blatant boy like friendship was enough to warm the hearts of the public and admire the two men for building such a close relationship while in office.

Biden’s vice presidency was for the most part inoffensive, much like the Obama administration. Aside from the launch of Affordable Care Act, the Obama presidency was underwhelming but smoothed over by suave and cool public speeches. I wish this could be said about the Trump administration but that has not been the case.

As a Senator, Biden addressed climate change, violence against women and sought to set restrictions against the National Rifle Association. Biden tried to transfer these social issues as priorities in his work as VP but other duties also sought intervention. After losing his eldest son Beau Biden to brain cancer, Biden then decided to dedicate his work towards “ending cancer as we know it”, letting his previous missions fall by the wayside.

Joe Biden announced his candidacy for President of the United States on the 25th of April 2019 and has continued to storm ahead of favourites Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren to represent the Democratic party. Assuming he becomes the front runner for the party, how would he fare against current POTUS Donald Trump?

Hillary Clinton failed to win the presidency against Donald Trump back in 2016 and described it as an “excruciating” experience. Clinton was expected to be the first female president of the US but was defeated by the orange small minded man we all know and love; not. But what will set Biden apart from Clinton in usurping Trump? The matter of the fact is that Biden is already performing better with voters than Clinton was four years ago. 

In the most recent Democratic primary vote in Michigan, Biden received 57% of female votes whereas Clinton only received 51% of the same vote in her respective campaign. Both of these primaries saw candidates face Sanders as a democratic competitor. 

While Biden and Clinton share countless similarities; they both worked for Obama, much of their lives has been in the public eye, they both voted for the Iraq war etc. The results of early primary votes are predicting whether Biden will become more favourable as the campaigns continue and numbers don’t lie. Well, for Donald Trump they do. 

Isabella Finn

Image Credit: Obama White House