Editorial: We will meet again

This time of year is seen as a period of new beginnings, days are longer and brighter but for many at this time it feels as though the brighter nights and sunshine are taunting us.

We are all disappointed. All those students who are finishing their time in university online, this was never how you thought the final few weeks would go.

There are Leaving Cert students, who are in limbo, waiting for the Department of Education to give them some real clarity. When I think of myself at that time in my life, all the stress and pressure, I really feel for those students.

Even for me and the brand new College View editorial team, this first issue has none of the excitement that we always thought it would have.

However we are doing this to protect the most vulnerable. Every time I get frustrated about being stuck at home or I’m tempted to go out and meet friends I think of my three grandparents. I am doing this for them, we are all doing this for them.

But I am very lucky that I can wait for this to pass from a comfortable home with my family, so many people don’t have that luxury.

For a lot of students it is almost impossible to keep up with their assignments or do online assessments because of a lack of services or they don’t feel safe and happy in their homes.

These people must not be forgotten, and allowances need to be made to help them through this. Universities need to be understanding and accept that while students are doing their best, the work done at this time does not reflect anybody’s real abilities.

That way final year students can graduate with confidence that they were given the best opportunities to succeed. Students in other years will also be able to come back to university content with where they are in their degree and ready to continue learning.

Until this is all over we can keep having our video quizzes and bingo nights, we can go to the e-pub every Friday and we know that it is not the same, but it is something. It is amazing to see how clubs and societies continue to hold events over zoom and it show how integral these are to college life.

This will pass eventually; soon we will all be in university and work again and life will get back to its fast pace.  We will be able to see our friends, even hug them, and hopefully we will remember not to take those things for granted.

Aoibhín Meghen

Image Credit: Isabella Finn